What to do with a dog tag

Image via WikipediaArtsCow.com is doing a sale right now on their custom Dog Tags. Using their designer, you can upload your own images and have them printed out on a dog tag. Normally, they cost 8.99, but through August 16th, they have a sale going on. If you use the coupon code 199DOGTAG, you can [...]

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Education will never be a trending topic

Anybody who spends any significant time on Twitter is familiar with the concept of trending topics. They're essentially a taste of what's on people's minds and typically revolve around recent news, television events, buzz generating blog posts and of course, memes. At large conferences like NECC, with hundreds of people using the #NECC09 hashtag in [...]

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Destination irrelevant

Found via EDITing in the Dark I've been a Mythbusters fan, long before I started working for Discovery. What blew me away when I had the opportunity to meet them, was that I discovered there was absolutely no acting on the show. They really are as passionate about learning as they seem to be. So [...]

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