Cell phones and internet can be used to cheat.

Image via WikipediaAnybody shocked? In a report from Common Sense Media, 35% of students admitted to cheating via cell phone, and over half the students surveyed admitted to using the internet to cheat in some way. There are plenty of people who would say that this is a fantastic reason to ban cell phones in [...]

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Glogster and Schooltube partner up

Image by room202isb via FlickrNice move for both of them. Key paragraph from the press release: The partnership allows the students and teachers using Glogster EDU �" now more than 450,000 around the world �" to share their Glogs using the popular SchoolTube sharing site, and also allows them to easily import multimedia elements found [...]

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Eye to Eye with the Great White

When people refer to the 'big five' in Africa, we've learned that they're making a gigantic mistake. Because if the Great White Shark doesn't deserve to be on that list, then somebody hasn't done their due diligence. In Chicago, we have a fantastic aquarium, and one of the tanks has quite a few sharks swimming [...]

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Nothing kills jet lag like 2 straight days of travel.

Image via WikipediaAfter three continents and three flights in two days, I'm not exactly sure which way is up. But a small price to pay for the adventure of a lifetime. For the next two weeks, I'm traveling with 3 teachers and 12 students on the Discovery Student Adventures program to South Africa! Right now [...]

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