Tribute to a teacher, Marvin Martin

Image by babblingdweeb via Flickr Several months ago, I received a Facebook message asking me to to join a group. Surprisingly, it was a group organized to pay tribute to a Junior High teacher from Glencoe, IL named Marvin Martin. I joined the group and then leaned back in my chair. People were posting stories [...]

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Little Red Riding Hood Remixed

Image by P_mod via FlickrFound this on Dan Pink's blog: I mentioned before how much I love the idea of turning assignments into creative briefs. So what happens if you take a fairy tale that's near and dear to all our hearts, and give it a new spin? While this wasn't done by a student, [...]

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Common sense revolts.

Ben Grey wrote a blog post a couple of weeks ago that I've been sitting on, knowing that I needed to respond, but loath to start because I knew what it would require to do it justice. He asks people to respond to a very simple question: "Why Technology?" Often, nobody is given the opportunity [...]

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What would you pay for your name?

Image by SideLong via FlickrHi. My name is Steve Dembo. If you do a Google search for "Dembo" I have four hits on the front page. Considering all the famous Dembo's, that's quite a mediocre feat! And that's how I identified myself to most people for the first few decades of my life. About five [...]

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