Life on the cutting edge.

Image via WikipediaIt's not unusual when somebody shares a tip with me and then appends it by saying, "But I'm sure you already knew about that already." I always find that funny because the only reason that I am familiar with so many sites and applications, is because people have learned about them and taken [...]

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Celebrate the Day of the Ninja!

I always look forward to December 5th for two reasons. It happens to be my birthday, but more importantly, it's also the Day of the Ninja! It's the day when everybody, everywhere gets to... well... act like a ninja I guess! I've always been a big fan of ninjas. I watched a ton of ninja [...]

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I was debating whether to share that I've been nominated for a couple of EduBlog Awards or not. I hate bragging and I certainly don't want it to look like I'm begging for votes. But I finally decided to mention it because ya know what? I'm pretty darn proud of those nominations. I've spent a [...]

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Real world art

Image by hoyasmeg via FlickrOver coffee today, somebody shared with me a website where peopled posted a creative brief for a logo or design they were looking for and how much they were willing to pay. Then people competed to win the 'prize'. The site is called CrowdSPRING and what's amazing about it is that [...]

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Too much blogging?

Image by mamassage via FlickrIt's been a long time since I blogged daily for a week, much less a full month. I gotta admit, it has been exhausting to do so. Researching, sketching out and then writing each of those challenges every day was much more work than I'd originally thought it would be. However, [...]

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