Day 20: Go on a dead link hunt

Today's challenge is another one that I read through on ProBlogger's site and it immediately clicked with me. Every website that's been around for a few years suffers from link rot to one degree or another. Sites that you linked to may disappear. Even worse, if you've moved your blog from one site/engine to another, [...]

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Day 19: Who do you love… and why?

Today's challenge is a relatively simple one, and likely one that you probably do on a regular basis subconsciously. Today we're just going to do it consciously. Basically, the idea is to spend some time visiting other educator's blogs that fall into the same niche as yours, and analyze what you see there. This is [...]

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Day 18: Join the Carnival!

Some of the challenges have clearly been targeted more towards people whose blogs are more established. Today's could be used by anyone, but will probably benefit newer bloggers the most. For those of you that remember webrings, they used to be a way for individual sites to congregate into communities and connect to each other. [...]

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Day 17: Mobilize Your Blog

Raise your hand if you're within reach of a a device capable of connecting to the internet for about 90% of your waking hours. Ok ok, all of you put your hands down. Between gaming devices, handhelds and mobile phones all being able to connect to the internet, there are so many ways for people [...]

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Day 16: Your Greatest Hits

On right now, I have 764 blog posts. I've written a few more, but they got lost between transitions before I settled on Wordpress. Of those 764, 10 appear on the landing page. So when someone comes to visit my blog, those are the posts they see. If they have some time, maybe they'll [...]

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Day 15: Find Thyself

First of all, before we even get started, congrats to everybody who is participating in this challenge! Today marks the halfway point. Some of the challenges have been easy, and others I know have stretched some of you. The second half will be more of the latter than the former. We'll be building on some [...]

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