This is another one of those challenges that really drew me to ProBlogger’s challenge initially, and made me decide to create my own mashup of it. Darren challenged his participants to define a mission statement for their blog, a challenge that I now present to you. You know your blog is important to you. You’ve invested quite a bit of time into it. Heck, if you’re at this point in the challenge, you’ve committed the last 21 days to becoming a better blogger! But have you ever really spent much time sitting down and analyzing exactly why you’re doing it? Why have you committed such a significant chunk of life to sharing via your blog online?

That’s what we’re thinking about during today’s challenge. The critical question being, “Why do you blog?” Darren suggested that people boil it down to simple statements, like,

* ‘I blog to make a living’
* ‘I blog for recreational purposes – to help me relax’
* ‘I blog as part of my plan for world domination’
* ‘I blog to keep a record of the life and times of me’
* ‘I blog because I want to help others’
* ‘I blog to because I’m lonely and want to connect with others’
* ‘I blog to pick up cute girls/guys’
* ‘I blog because it’s fun’
* ‘I blog because I want to build profile – I want to be known’

While all of these are worthy pursuits, some more so than others, I’m thinking that you can probably dig a little deeper than that as well.

Start off with the surface ideas. Think about what drew you to blogging in the first place and why you started blogging. Then think about why you’re continuing to do it today. Do you blog for the same reason now that you did when you started? Is your blog professional, personal or both? Is it a place to share unbiased, impartial information or are you posting your thoughts and opinions? Are you restraining yourself to specific topics on your blog, or is it wide open?

As Darren says in this post:

This is not a question about measurable goals or strategies and your answer probably shouldn’t be too blog specific… rather get at your motivations and big picture hopes for your blogging.

Be honest with yourself too. No deluding yourself into listing more altruistic motivations Call it like it is. If some of your motivations are shallow, so be it. Accept that, embrace it and see how that fits in with the rest. I’ve never been shy about letting people know that I have the ego of a middle schooler, and one of the reasons I blog is because getting recognition for the work and writing that I do is very motivating to me. I have plenty other reasons for blogging too, but without a doubt public recognition is on the list.

With all that in mind, today’s challenge is to list out “Why do you blog?” You can do so publicly on your blog, publicly as a comment here or just do it as an exercise in private. I suggest you share it on your blog though. It let’s readers know what sort of lens they’ll be peering through when they read your content. And I think it’s very cathartic to share your thoughts publicly. It really forces you to define things.

So, why do I blog?

  • I want to celebrate my successes with people who understand.
  • I want to share my failures with people who can learn from them.
  • My job requires me to.
  • I feel like it’s an important part of the learning process, although I’m still trying to pin down exactly why.
  • Because I get angry at things that people say or write and want to respond… publicly.
  • Knowing that people enjoy reading what I write is a major ego boost.
  • I feel that if I recommend other people blog, I have to be doing so myself.
  • As much time and effort goes into each post, clicking ‘Publish’ feels really good.
  • Trying to put my ideas into written form helps me solidify my own thinking.
  • I find sharing my ideas to be very rewarding, intrinsically and extrinsically.
  • Yes, it’s all part of my master plan to take over the world.

That’s it for me… for now. I think i may have to return to this one later and do some editing. Until then though, share your mission statement, here or on your own blog. Either way, leave a comment below and link us up so we can find it!