Recently I began to feel that my blogging has been slipping. By that, I mean that I haven’t been giving it much attention, and have been more prone to letting little things slide. For example, I know that the images in my Twitter badge aren’t showing up right and I haven’t done anything about it. Nor have I added a Plurk badge, which is way overdue. My Blogroll is stale, I’ve gotten lazy about linking to other sites, and so on… SO, it’s time to do a full makeover, top to bottom. With that in mind, I pulled up a link that I had bookmarked about a year ago that I had always intended to try out for myself. It was Pro-Blogger’s, 31 Days to Building a Better Blog. Some of the tips fit me, some of them didn’t. However, I always thought about spinning my own version of it, specifically for teacher/educator bloggers. After mentioning it on both Twitter and Plurk and getting some very positive responses, I decided to move forward with the idea.

I’ve sketched out 30 ideas for Being a Better Blogger. These are not tips like “Make it personal” or “Focus on quality”, these are ideas for doing things to improve your blog and address all the little details people generally forget about, ignore, or never knew to do in the first place. Every day I will post a new tip/challenge for you to try. Whether you’re a new blogger or tenured, I encourage you to join along with me and use the month of November to be a better blogger.

This is a personal challenge, so whether you follow one tip or all thirty is entirely up to you. I’ve created a badge (as seen above) to let people know that you’re participating in the challenge and will provide you a means to embed it in and link it up soon.

If you’d like to join in, leave a comment below so we can follow you back and help support you in your endeavors!

The challenge begins on Saturday November 1st!