For Every 100 Girls

Image by nataliej via FlickrFascinating post that someone linked to on Twitter (forgot to write down the source). Well, more of a series of statistics than an article, but well organized. The post is entitled "For Every 100 Girls". By using a variety of sources, the author determined what the ratio is between males and [...]

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What’s in a domain name?

Shared with me by Charlene Chausis. MSAD48 is doing something rather interesting for their high school seniors. Upon entering senior year, every student is given a unique domain name to be used for "work on their resume, portfolio and communicate with their class." I would assume that when they leave the school at the end [...]

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Be a Better Blogger in just 30 Days

Recently I began to feel that my blogging has been slipping. By that, I mean that I haven't been giving it much attention, and have been more prone to letting little things slide. For example, I know that the images in my Twitter badge aren't showing up right and I haven't done anything about it. [...]

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Try a new phone on for size.

Image via WikipediaIt's no secret that I'm a big fan of the idea of using mobile phones in the classroom. In fact, I recently posted a roundup of all the different applications I had installed on my phone, along with an educational spin for each. Without fail though, when I do post something along those [...]

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What is innovation? How Andy Carvin Hacked the Debate

This week many educators enjoyed the shared experience of watching the debate with a Twitter overlay. Most did it the old fashioned way, with the TV on and a laptop handy. No laptop? No problem. If you receive the Current channel, then you could watch Hack the Debate , which featured the debate with Tweets [...]

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Should blogging be moderated?

Saw this request asking bloggers to respond and had to chime in. A question for you: Should all student blogging be moderated? ... In general, I think that teaching students to be responsible is a far better approach than trying to block or filter everything that might be dangerous. We should more time talking about [...]

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