Me and My Avatar

What does your avatar say about you? Do you secretly desire to be taller, thinner, or younger? Do you see yourself as a canine, a cartoon character, or a jedi knight? Do you feel a desire to change your race or gender? It's not always clear exactly what our avatars say about ourselves, but clearly [...]

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Across the Metaverse

I've been working on a Second Life article, and part of it was spent checking out a few other virtual worlds. And while I thought I had a pretty good grasp on what was out there, this video shows that I really was just barely scratching the surface. Think you are a Virtual World Guru? [...]

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Do you believe?

Thanks to Justin Karkow for point out this post of Christine Southard's on the New York DEN Blog. Just in time for the beginning of the school year, Dalton Sherman has a message that is sure to inspire anybody who has chosen to devote their lives to education.

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Education version of Blabberize coming?

After education versions of VoiceThread and Animoto have been released, it looks like more sites may start to realize that they really do have an education market to appeal to. Is Blabberize the next to jump on the bandwagon? Check out the message they have posted on the front page right now. Sounds to me [...]

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Your thoughts on advertising

I've been approached by a company that wants to advertise on Teach42. It'd be a pretty decently sized banner ad that would stay in the sidebar. Dont' know how much it would generate, but there's only one way to find out. So here's what I'm thinking: 1) I display the ad, and donate the revenue [...]

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