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Lose weight with the Wii Fit? The numbers don’t lie.

14 days ago I announced that I had swapped my 360 for my friend’s Wii and that I was going to try out the Wii Fit. My goal was to work out for 14 straight days. If I did, regardless of the results, I was going to buy myself a Wii and try like heck to keep it up.

2 weeks later and I’m proud to say that I haven’t missed a single workout. This may have been the first two week stretch of my life that I actually exercised every single day. Even when I was training for the marathon I took days off to rest. However, I stayed true to my goal and put in about 45 minutes per day, every day.

There were some days that it definitely wasn’t easy. Taking the Wii Fit to Iowa City to visit family was an adventure. I’ve been enjoying doing the exercises, but doing the Hula Hoop game with 5 relatives watching you is certainly a humbling experience.

But enough jabber. The big question on everybody’s mind is, can you get results? Can you actually lose weight playing video games? The answer is an emphatic YES. Check out the graph below:


I can’t believe I’m broadcasting to the world how fat I really am, but hey, it’s all part of the healing process. I thought about blurring the numbers on the left side, but let’s face facts, it’s pretty darn obvious that I’m seriously overweight right now! And the whole point of doing this is to actually take some action to remedy that!

See that big spike? That corresponds to the homemade Meatloaf and Macaroni and Cheese dinner we had in Iowa. Seeing all my results go up in smoke was incredibly depressing, but that was one heckuva good dinner! Despite that, a few days later I’d gotten it worked off. While I can’t say that I’ve been dieting, I’ve just been trying to eat a little better. One slice of pizza and some salad where normally I’d eat 2 or 3 slices of pizza. Bringing hundred calorie packs of chips and pudding to work, so even if I buy myself something from the cafeteria, it’s not out of control. This past weekend, I went to two BBQ’s, went out to dinner with the wife and went out drinking with friends one night. Despite all that, I gained one pound and lost it the next day.

I know people are going to attribute the weight loss to water weight, and maybe it is. Who cares? It feels great to see that graph pointing downward, I feel fantastic that I’ve worked out every single day and I’m actually doing something good for myself. I’m sure the weight loss is going to slow down and I’m going to have to fight for every pound. Suffice to say, I’m ready to.


So long as I’ve spent over 10 hours working out on the Wii Fit now (averaging about 45 minutes a day), I figured I’d do a mini around the world regarding what I like and what I don’t about it.

Like any workout, you get out of it what you put into it. People have said to me, “Yeah, but can’t you just shake the controller and get credit for running? Or just tap the board to get credit for situps without actually doing them?” YES, you can. And let’s face it, who are you cheating? Can’t you also go to the gym, chat with friends for an hour and leave and tell people that you spent an hour working out in the gym? Sure… But the only person you’re cheating is yourself. I bust my butt doing these exercises and I’ve really felt like I’m getting a good workout.

While there’s a wide variety of exercises and activities, I’m kinda bummed because I think I’ve unlocked everything now. Part of game mentality is that you have to keep working to keep unlocking bigger and better things. In this respect, Wii Fit peeks too early. Would be nice if there were continually new things to unlock, or downloadable exercises. Heck I guess Wii fit is a gateway drug in that sense to more intense workouts like the fitness bikini body training.

However, the ones that are there will definitely get you sweating and your heartbeat racing. 10 minutes on the hula hoop and you’re going to definitely be feeling it. Rhythm boxing is a blast and a great warmup. While you won’t get any new patterns after a while, it does mix up the order of them so every workout is different.

A few tips for the Step Aerobics and Running. With the step aerobics, once you’ve mastered the advanced class, you’ll unlock “Free Step”. This means you can watch your favorite sitcom while you keep stepping. Your Wiimote will announce how many steps you’ve done and how long you have to go. WAY cool. However, I just didn’t feel like I was getting a workout at their pace, even when you set it to the fastest pace available. Then I read somewhere that you can silence the ‘beat’ and just step at your own pace! So it will still announce how many you’ve done, it just won’t give you a beat to follow. Do that and then really take it up a notch. I hold two hand weights and get those steps per minute jacked way up there. I think my record is about 3250 steps in half an hour.

Similarly, when you unlock the free run, you can get creative with it. Free run asks you how long you want to run for, and then all it measures essentially, is how many times the controller goes up and down. But you don’t necessarily have to be running. I’ve used these time periods to do jumping jacks, and intend to use the time to do stairs the next time Aiden is out of the house. I’m sure you could come up with any number of other exercises as well.

Strength exercises and Yoga are fantastic when you pair them up, as the Wii suggests. I always follow their suggestions for related exercises and that works out pretty well. The situp challenge can be brutal, but I’m now up to 100 situps every session. Pushups are lagging a bit farther behind, but they’re improving steadily too. Honestly, if you really do the exercises the way they are meant to be done, you’ll get a heck of a workout.

Now that the first 14 days are behind me, I’m going to try my best to keep it up. If I falter, feel free to hold me to it! Who knows, at NECC maybe I won’t look quite so much like a Weeble Wobble! Regardless, I’m feeling pretty darn good. Even if I don’t lose another pound, I’m finally doing something to improve my overall health. Can’t go wrong with that!

  • Hey Steve great review, thanks for being so open! I would love to hear of your progress since then.

    Best to you,

    Curtis Scott


  • ๐Ÿ˜€ Thank youu!

    I see now I can lose the flab & have fun at the same time ๐Ÿ™‚

    Before, I thought it was just a simple board with easy mini games……..I played it at my cousin’s & it said I lost many calories in a short amount of time…..:D

    It’s amazing about how you get your own little profile with it.

    A lot of high tech gadgets – but hey, you lose poundage as you get some fun out of it! ^-^

    -Coliee ๐Ÿ˜€

    Nicole Halvorson


  • Good job!You are so funny just thought Id tell you that!My hubby and also have wii fit and boy can we feel the burn with the exersises lol!



  • Lose weight with the Wii Fit? The numbers donโ€™t lie.

    Adhara Ferrari


  • Hi- good job! I googled -“will wii fit track weight loss”- and yours was the first site to pop up. I am encouraged. I have been doing WW and walking, biking but feel I need more to get rid of the Mama Kitty Pouch.
    Thanks for posting! Keep losing!
    Erin in Maine
    mom to 4
    32pounds lost

    Erin O


  • Hey! Thanks for posting this! I’m a 13 year old that weighs about 200lbs and I REALLY Want To Lose Weight! I’m About to buy a wii and i’m gonna buy wii fit with it. my mom wants to lose weight to and she says that she wants that game when i buy the wii so yeah. I’ll comment my results when i start lose weight!



  • Hi..
    Iam a 55 yr old woman..was looking on here, so many of you who have done well..I got a Wii and the Wii Fit as well as the Wii Fit Plus..and a few other Wii exercise games such as Personal Trainer and Gold’s Gym.Wii dumb bells, etc. I have not yet started..but will be doing so in next hour or so..was just getting some feedback if it has helped people to lose weight or inches..and I figure if I workout 6 day a week for 45 mins or alot more then I have been gotta help in my weight loss goals..I have lost 32 lbs in past 18 months doing a weight workout which has helped alot as well as define my muscles in arms, shoulders and abs..still have 30 to lose..but am home alot as I have a 35 yr old autistic daughter who lives at home with us I am not always free to leave the this I can do at home, whenever it suits me..will post again with my finding and results



  • I have been on a special programme now ( Including the wii fit ) for a few years now and I must say I feel great. Weight loss is a must , it makes you feel good and even look better. I see the whole world in a different way. A little bit of motivation and all will be great. Great Article…

  • Hey Steve!
    Thanks for posting! Curious to know if you continued on with this program through the years? If so, what were your results? I have a Wii Fit and will be starting at small goals. 2 wks to start, then will go to 5 and then 10. keeping my goals in small doses works better for me. :)I am a 40 yr old and need to loose approximately 40 lbs. Like to have it done by June of ’11, so we shall see if the Wii will do it for me! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Angie in Ohio


  • This is a better way to lose weight. I’ll definitely buy a wii fit now.

    Bob Brendon


  • This is wonderful. A way to lose weight while having a great time. Of course it makes perfect sense. Playing the Wii is definitely good exercise. Combining healthy eating with playing the Wii seems like a great way to stay healthy and trim.

    Wayne Baker


  • I was so glad to read this blog. Our family has put off getting a Wii for some time, well the last time we bought a system it was a new Nentendo64. Last Friday 1-14-11 we decided it was time. My husband and I have 10 kids and so we really wanted this to be something for the whole family to play with. Turns out it has been AWESOME. We found out only 8 of us can log in our information which works cause not all of them wanted to graph their progress. We are on day 6 and I’m super stoked about going home after work and logging my info. I also love that I can put in my walking time with my walking partner 3-4 days a week. We have unlocked a few things but then theres always the race to the number 1 position so that keeps things fun and exciting. I’ll check back later.

    Sybil Iverson


  • Steve:
    Thanks for posting. I also have been doing the Wii fit. I received it and the board from my husband for Christmas. I had been doing just the basic stuff, and he thought I would like the entire thing. Well, I have been feeling better, I have been excited about getting to it every day, and I got one of the best compliments I have ever had from my 22 year old daughter. “Mom, your bum is getting smaller…”. I told someone that I am addicted, LOL. It is more fun to be able to do it alone and then get some good positive reinforcement.



  • Wow, that is awesome. The numbers really do tell the truth don’t they.

    Wii Fitness


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  • You go girl!! I am so proud of you…….it takes so much to take on a task and to stick with it no matter what! I too am joining you in this endevour… the ups man should be deliviering my walking program for the wii and my accessories for making the board into a step board… I ordered them from Amazon a few days back …but here is my secret weapon that I am going to share with you… three simple words that I have adopted as my own mantra…
    “Make It Happen”…. thats it…………short, sweet and gets ya right where it hurts!!! LOL
    The only ones who can do it for us …………is US!………pay no attention to the nay sayers……..keep your log .. chart your course and steer your ship ……….YOU are on the right path to health and to happiness!
    and I am joining you in your adventure!



  • Thank you for a great post. I have been trying to use the Wii for working out but am not feeling it with just the Wii Sports and Wii Sports resort, need something a bit more to keep my interest and work out more then just my upper body (which isn’t the problem anyways). I appreciate your honesty and candor about the product. I think it is time for this gamer chick to go pick up a Wii fit and start feeling the love ๐Ÿ™‚



  • Scouring the web for some grain of hope for weight loss with this game, I came across your article. My motivation has now gone sky high. Thanks!!



  • Hey great post Steve you have reinforced my decision to get a wii, which I was going to get tomorrow. I was hoping it would be a great way to loose weight & hopefully get fit again like i was before I had my twins. Yes having twin 10 month old boys & a 4 year old girl does make it logistically hard for me to even think about the gym! Hope you are still tracking well with your daily workout.



  • Hi there Steve.

    Im sorry to say this. But i think the Wii Fit or any other products that actually say “you will get fit” does not work.

    This is coming straight from me. I went to the arcade with my buddies once, and i seen this weird video camera thing so i thought why not play that? It looks interesting. And it was the “Kinect” . I tried Triathlon – Boxing – Ping Pong. But let me tell you, i didnt even feel a thing, no pain or nothing. So by that i think it doesnt work, it does not get you fit.

    Heres what i do, i go to the gym 4 times a week, go Jogging in the stadium 5 times a week, play basketball whenever i can.
    Thats what makes me healthy not some sort of video game stuff.

    Im sorry i just needed to say that.

    Bro, if you wanna lose weight and become fit, go to the gym.




  • My Name is David, im 13 and I would want to know what kind of routine you used to loose weight or what routine can I follow yo loose 4 1/2 Pounds in a month.



  • Hi

    Any suggestion for me to do wii fit ? I want to loss my weight… which type of exercise I have to do ? Hope you will help me to find out .

    Thank you



  • Hi my name is Tracy and I am 13 years old I weigh 137.8 pounds and I lost 5 pounds with the wii.I went from 142.8 to 137.8 in 5 days by using the wii fit for an hour or more each day followed by cutting back on sweets and watching what I eat.but im just wondering when the wii days I’m down 0.7 pounds is it lying?



  • โ€ขJethro- try ebay its a great site , even tho some of the stuff is secondhand some of it isnt i use ebay all the time u can get alot of great stuff off there, Good Luck.



  • I have lost 15 pounds since doing it, and I am eating better. I’m 25 and feeling good. I am half way to my goal. My question is, is it normal to fluctuate with weight loss? I wear a tummy slimmer or a sauna suit when doing it. But I want the results to come quicker.

    Mal Sue


  • Josef’s comment above makes no sense. He’s comparing one short session on a different game and game system and trying to put that up against Steve’s documented results.

    True, Wii Fit does not compare to working out at a gym. But the game is geared toward people who are just starting to get active, or need something to supplement their workouts. On that level, Wii Fit is a terrific tool to have in one’s workout routine.

    I’ve lost 7 pounds in about a month, combining Wii Fit workouts with smarter eating. My BMI is quickly approaching normal range.



  • Hello, interested to read all the comments here. I’ve just done my 15th consecutive day with my Wii Fit and NOTHING has changed! Nothing! My BMI is the same, my weight is the same! I really thought something would’ve happened by now; I’ve gone from doing absolutely no exercise to over an hour a day. I try to do at least half an hour of aerobic, and some of the muscle stretches and a few of the balance games too. I’m not going to give up – I’m really enjoying it and really starting to push myself to reaching harder goals. But I wondered if I’m doing anything wrong, or expecting results (something, ANYTHING!) too soon?



  • Thank you so much for writing this article. I am really proud of all the work you have done and I hope that you continue to keep it up! I just got the Wii Fit and am on my 8th day. I have not seen any physical results yet but my mood has drastically improved. I can’t wait until my graph looks like yours!



  • lost 7lb in 10 days with wii fit plus and mj experience about a hour a day

    v ingall


  • I agree with the positive comments. I am not a gym goer and I do not like to exercise. However, I am a competitive person. And the wii fit plus is just what I needed to think about getting in shape. I love this and I too have lost weight and feeling much better than I ever have. I logged in today and it says day 27. I have never in my entire life committed to anything this well before. Thank you Nintendo.



  • For Steve…WTG..and thanks for posting…For Josef..again you are another person who feels if you’re having fun then it can’t be working right? Well you can have fun and exercise. True it’s not the same kind…but like others I didn’t do anything for exercise and today I just finished day 31! Wow, I am so proud of myself! I am competitive too so competing is also an incentive for me as well as visualization…Seeing my numbers and then trying to beat them or my husbands! Also, for years if I drank one glass of water a day I was doing good…It was Pepsi all the way! But in my mind..I equate water with exercise and as soon as I turn on the Wii…I go get a bottle of water. I am up to 5 -8 miles a day running or biking with the Wii and yoga and strength exercise. Haven’t seen results…but I am moving now, drinking water (so less Pepsi) making myself healthier (it affects your triglycerides, BP, etc.. and you say it doesn’t work? Think you might want to restate your theory. As for Lyndsay..hope you are still keeping at it…remember Rome wasn’t built in a day and you didn’t gain your weight in a day…so it’s gonna take a while to lose it. People lose weight differently..for instance most men lose weight much quicker than women…Also, you may actually gain before losing..because you now are building muscle. Don’t worry about the weight right now, just keep exercising and having fun with it! Don’t eat more to reward yourself for all your hard work…and it will shed..and if it doesn’t you still are doing wonders for your health!

    Joanne Johnson


  • I lost 70 pounds using wii fit , It was bcak in 2009, and i was only 11, i’m 13 now, 5 foot, 103 pounds. And let me tell you it works ! I also used Slim fast and with Slim Fast and wii fit together. I lost 70 pounds in 90 days!!
    it works !!!



  • Just wanted to say that two years ago, my husband and I both lost about 30 pounds each in a little over two months using Wii. And I am back to it again as the jeans don’t fit. Having confidence this will work again along with my gallon of water a day intake and just eating less, but still the same! You CAN do it and Wii can help!



  • I have been using the wii fit for over 100 days and enjoy it so much that i purchased wii fit plus. I also go for a thirty minute power walk at a pace of 4 mph after i do the wii. I also use the free web site I started all this at the same time,weighing 210. Now 100 days later i weigh 182 and feel great. i well never go back to the old ways that i ate or didn’t exercise.



  • I have been using the wii fit for over 100 days and enjoy it so much that i purchased wii fit plus. I also go for a thirty minute power walk at a pace of 4 mph after i do the wii. I also use the free web site I started all this at the same time,weighing 210. Now 100 days later i weigh 182 and feel great. i well never go back to the old ways that i ate or didn’t exercise.