Why I *heart* Plurk

While it may seem like I'm always high on a new tool or site, I really do think I'm pretty choosy about the ones that I wind up sharing. And I wouldn't blog about it, if I didn't feel there was merit to it and it was worth exploring. Which is why I wanted to [...]

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Wii Fit Workout Program Update (and a few tips)

I keep meaning to post a followup to my previous Wii Fit post, complete with pertinent links, pictures and all that. But work/NECC/baby has gotten in the way and it just keeps getting put off. SO, I figured I'll just do a really quick update for you. I've now owned the Wii Fit for about [...]

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EdStreamTV is going live!

It's no secret that I think streaming video is going to be huge at NECC. I've already blogged about it once. A thread that I started on the NECC Ning site caused some major conversation. This led to an ISTE proclamation that sent ripples throughout the EduBlogosphere and led to a quick retraction by the [...]

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MDK12 Digital Libraries: Going Native

This morning I had the pleasure to keynote the MDK12 Digital Library: Access for Success conference. This was my first chance to present strictly for a community of library media specialists (and related titles). I had a great time adapting my Learning to Speak Native presentation for them and certainly expanded my network while doing [...]

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What’s the point of Second Life?

Got an email from a friend of mine (who's name shall be withheld to protect the innocent). He had a conversation with his district technology director that he asked for some help with. I had a short conversation with our district technology director yesterday and Second Life came up. I was telling him how streaming [...]

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When does Average Joe become Joe Expert?

The other day somebody referred to me as an expert in the field of internet safety. While it's true that I've done many presentations on the subject and have some very strong ideas about it, it got me wondering exactly when I became 'an expert'? At some point, there was a line drawn on the [...]

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GPS for chronic truants?

I got an email alerting me to a segment on CBS News about one school using a GPS tracking device to help stop truancy. While it may have worked for the student in the video, I have to admit some skepticism regarding the ability for this to be a large scale solution. They mention that [...]

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