Teachers Behaving Like Middle Schoolers

Hall forwarded this article on to me, which fits perfectly into so many presentations that I do. Essentially, reporters bounced around the world of Facebook looking at teachers' profiles, and found them to be on par with middle and high school students. Crude, often inappropriate humor and images, off color jokes and so on. The [...]

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The Parting of the Red Chili

Welps, this post has nothing to do with PLN's, education, Web2.0, or technology (are crock pots considered 'technology'?). But tonight, a friend of mine hosted her annual chili cookoff and for the first time I decided to compete. There were 13 other entries to contend with, but low and behold, when the dust settled adn [...]

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How can I cheat on the test? Let me count the ways…

Tony Vincent's recent post on "How to Cheat" is sure to ruffle a few feathers. He embeds and links to at least a dozen videos describing in detail how to cheat in class. Oh no! What if the students find it???? *snort* That was the reaction I got from many when I posted on TechLearning [...]

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