Free webinar with Anasatasia Goodstein

One topic I tend to speak on quite a bit is the internet safety/digital citizenship issue. Yes, we need to keep students safe from predators, but we also need to prepare them to be successful, both as human beings and in their future careers. In order to know how to guide students along the right [...]

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Totally blogless

So after admitting that blogs have slid down in my priority list, and realizing that I just don't read through them like I used to, I saw a post by Doug Belshaw that struck a chord. Recommend me three I unsubscribed from every blog I subscribed to via Google Reader. Now I’m suffering from information [...]

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Contact Deficiency Syndrom

Before I go off on a rant, let me preface this one by saying that I've been as guilty of this as anybody else. It's corrected right now, but as recently as 10 days ago, I was suffering from the same problem that many blogs suffer from. It's called, "Contact Deficiency Syndrome". This occurs when [...]

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Edmodo – A hands on look

Jeff O'Hara, known to many as Zemote on Twitter, invited me to take Edmodo for a spin before he opens it up to beta testers. I've been talking about it with him for well over a year, so I've been salivating over this for quite a while. If you haven't seen the basic layout of [...]

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Teachermate PC – Part Two

Well, remember when I 'reviewed' the Teachermate PC a few posts ago? Basically I slammed it for three reasons: 1) It's not a PC if it can only run proprietary software 2) It doesn't cost $50 if you HAVE to buy their software to make it even worthwhile to own and 3) Their website is [...]

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2008 Discovery Education/3M Young Scientist Challenge

It's that time of year again! Time for all middle school students to dust off their lab coats, clean out their test tubes and... grab their camcorders? That's right, it's time for the 2008 Discovery Education/3M Young Scientist Challenge! This is the 10th year of the challenge. In the past 9 years, over 540,000 students [...]

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Teachermate: $50 PC? Hardly

UPDATE: After discussing the Teachermate with its creator and doing a hands on demonstration, I have posted a follow up to this post. Please be sure to read that as well. I've often been told that if it sounds too good to be true... it is. A classic example is the new Teachermate PC that [...]

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