Where do blogs rate?

When I first started fleshing out my network, it was all about blogs. I blogged, I read blogs daily, I commented my heart out and spent many a night typing late into the evening trying to get ideas down juuuussstt right. Soon after that it was podcasting. I listened to podcast every day during my [...]

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Building a better Twitter

I discovered Tweet Scan yesterday, which at first glance looks like yet another Twitter search engine. To be honest, I've been pretty disappointed with most Twitter searches, namely because they don't go back far enough, take too long or just give wonky results. Consequently, I had pretty low expectations for Tweet Scan. I was pleasantly [...]

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Passion Quilt

I don't normally do too many meme's. Most of them I feel perfectly happy passing on. But when Lee Kolbert tagged me with this one (called me out is more like it), I felt obligated to participate, in part due to the challenge of it. The 3 simple rules are: Post a picture from a [...]

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Exciting times for education.

As a teacher/techcoordinator, I was thrilled to go to IL-TCE every year. That was my 'treat', and the only conference I could count on. If grant money came through, a trip to NECC was an extra special treat. In the last month, I have been to FETC, an internal Discovery conference, hosted the DEN Virtual [...]

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Ah’m back.

Ever go two months without posting a blog post? And then you start feeling a ton of pressure to write something really good explaining why you haven't? Maybe, some sort of post that summarizes all the things you've been up to, why you've been SO busy, and justify your lack of activity? Of course, I [...]

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