This just may be in my top 5 Web 2.0 tools to date. I ran into these guys at a networking event in Chicago. Since then I’ve used this in a few presentations, but will definitely be using it in many many more.

Poll Everywhere is a site where you can create a basic poll. What makes it so cool is that people can vote on the pool using their cell phone! They provide a number to send text messages to, and then people vote via SMS. The poll can be viewed on the web, or embedded into a Powerpoint. No way to embed it into your own web page yet, but I’m guessing that’ll be coming. Don’t have a cell phone? No worries, they’ve got you covered. You can also vote online via any standard browser.

So why is this so cool? Besides being a great way to get instant feedback, this could be a viable Classroom Response System with a little tweaking. Instead of buying hardware, you can just have the students use the cell phones they’re hiding in their backpacks right now! Slick, eh?

When you signup for Poll Everywhere, you get 100 votes for free. Once you’ve used those up, you can buy more votes for 13-16 cents per vote. This is where I hesitate to say it’s a perfect solution for educators right now. Vote packages can get pricey, and once they’re used up, they’re gone. You don’t want to have to be frugal with the questions you ask your students! So I’m hoping that they figure out some sort of subscription package. Where a school can pay $400 a year for unlimited votes or something like that.

Until then though, I still highly recommend you check this site out. This is the future of response systems in action.

Want to try it out? Click the image below to see a poll I created. Use your cell phone to vote! No cost to you besides typical text messaging costs (usually a nickel if you don’t have a package). The vote will show up magically a few seconds later! You can also vote on the web here.