Google Reverse Lookup?

Got an email forwarded to me from my wife yesterday. She knows how much I loath email forwards, particularly alarmist ones that are nothing more than urban legends and chain letters. So she checks them out and doesn't send them on unless there's something I really need to see. Very glad she did... Google has [...]

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Building out the choir

If you're listening to podcasts, you really don't need to read this post. If you're on Twitter, you definitely don't need to bother reading this. If you have an aggregator or know what RSS is, you can probably skip over this one as well. Hello?? Anyone left? Oh yeah, I just remembered that the only [...]

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Send a teacher to the Olympics!

Via the DEN Forums Linda Bilak, STAR Discovery Educator, is in the running to carry the Olympic Torch for the 2008 Olympics! Here’s the details: I entered an essay in the Lenovo “New Thinkers” for the New World competition. My essay explained how I am teaching students Spanish by bringing the world to them on [...]

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A Vision of Students Today

From the creator of the Machine is Us/ing Us: I'm not a huge fan of people who keep pointing out the same problems that we've known about for years without sharing their ideas for solutions. While this video doesn't share solutions, the fact that it was organized, researched and scripted by students makes a pretty [...]

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Picnik Premium

FYI: Picnik, my favorite online photo editing site, has gone premium! For at least this week, all the premium features are free, so swing by over there and check them out. As you can see, I'm digging the ability to add text to photos!

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Free Discovery Webinar with Mick Kaczorowski of Meerkat Manor!

Fantastic opportunity for both teachers and students... On Wednesday, October 3rd at 11am EST, the DEN is going to be hosting an incredibly special webinar. Mick Kaczorowski, Senior Executive Producer for Animal Planet, will be sharing his experiences working on Meerkat Manor, both the hit TV series and the upcoming movie! This webinar, the latest [...]

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