What I learned from Twitter today

I don't follow Twitter all that closely anymore most days. I pop in when I have time, I ignore it when I don't. However, it's amazing just how much info passes through my TwitterStream on a daily basis. Just how much info? Let's see. Here's what I have learned, solely through Twitter, in the past [...]

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Call out for your examples

Conference season is coming up and I'm putting together a bazillion new presentations. However, there's a couple of them that I could really use some examples for that I'm having trouble finding. 1) School policies that practice what we preach. While there are tons of examples of teachers who are using Web 2.0 and interactive [...]

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EdTechConnect tonight, free webinar!

Later today, at 7:00pm EST, we'll be hosting the first EdTechConnect of the school year. It's going to be featuring Darren Kuropatwa and Lani Ritter Hall, two of the conference coordinators from the K12Online 2007 conference. They'll be sharing tips and tricks for sharing presentations using Web 2.0 tools and providing a sneak peak into [...]

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Captcha 2.0: Cats, Dogs and eBooks, oh my!

What do cats, dogs, and eBooks have in common? They can all help in the war against spam! Yes, it sounds strange, but I'm not kidding. Got two tools for you bloggers out there to consider adding to your blogs. Most people know what Captcha is. Well, most people know what it does. It stands [...]

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Office 2.0

I'm way behind on my blogging. Did I mention that I weaseled my way onto an education panel at the Office 2.0 conference? Oh yeah, too late. That was last week. Yikes, I'm way behind. So here's the story. I read about the Office 2.0 conference last year and it sounded amazing. The organizer, Ismael [...]

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