How effective are filters? Ask Australia

So I posted a few days ago on TechLearning about how easy it is becoming for students to bypass school filters in a very wide variety of ways. Yes, in the post I did mention a few ways that people could bypass school or work filters. I didn't do this to teach people how, I [...]

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High Tech? More like highly nostalgic

Hall Davidson loaned me a book that he thought I'd like, John Sandford's The Empress File. I gotta admit that I'm enjoying it, but a big part of the pleasure is that it's about a high tech hacker using cutting edge technology... Oh yeah, did I happen to mention that the book was written in [...]

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Why I *heart* Bluehost for the Nth time down. Life was absolutely miserable. I upgraded, I backed up, I reinstalled, I Google'd, I scoured support forums, but I couldn't figure out what the heck was wrong with my poor blogs! SO, I finally broke down and called Bluehost. I don't like calling for support. People call ME for support, I don't [...]

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Broken :(

Wordpress, the blog engine that powers Teach42, seems to be haunted. Expect strangeness until I figure out what the heck is wrong.

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