I’ve tried to use dictation software before. I believe it was Dragon Naturally Speaking. I spent hours reading paragraphs aloud, repeating phrases and correcting it. During one attempt, I spent two hours a day training the software to recognize my speech patterns. The end result though, was that I still had to talk like a robot to get it to recognize even 2/3 of the ramblings coming out of my mouth. My speech patterns just don’t lend themselves well to dictation I guess.

That’s why CastingWords fascinates me. Submit your audio, and real human beings transcribe it for you! It’ll be delivered as basic text, perfect for inclusion into a blog or web page.

Of course, there’s a cost. $.75 per minute. That’s not per minute that they work on it, rather per minute that you blabber on. So a 10 minute podcast would cost $7.50. That ain’t necessarily cheap, but at the same time it’s a fantastic service they’re providing. It makes your podcast immensely more searchable and greatly increases the chance of people finding your content. Also, it would be incredibly valuable for podcasts of interviews and conference sessions.

They actually do have a rate for podcasters as well. If you have a regularly produced podcast, the price drops down to $.45 a minute. Ten minute podcast is $4.50 then, which while still steep is a little easier to get down. Of course, your one hour conference session is going to get mighty pricey.

Regardless, it’s a great service to add to the toolbox.