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Simulblogged @ TechLearning The session that kicked off EduBloggerCon for many of us has been on my mind quite a bit lately. Essentially, Will asked the room "What should we, as a community, really be trying to accomplish. And how do we go about doing so?" I don't believe we found any answers in those [...]

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SlideCasting – Another ‘cast, another virtual presentation

I thought Podcasting, Screencasting, and Vodcasting, were enough, but now we have yet another term to throw into the mix: Slidecasting. As shared by Crafty, SlideShare now provides you with the ability to upload an audio file and sync your powerpoint slides to it. Voila, instant online presentation. This won't put presenters out of business, [...]

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Shiny Happy Tools

A blog post that I put up on Digital Passports has kind of boomaranged and struck me a second time around. Basically the post described a few of the many many many websites that I check out on a daily basis that don't quite make the cut. It really got me thinking about how much [...]

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WikiMindMap – Mapping out Wikipedia

Whether you like it or hate it, you've got to respect Wikipedia. And while you can debate about the level of accuracy versus other sources, you can't really argue with the fact that there's an immense amount of information there. So much so that it can be rather overwhelming at times. WikiMindMap attempts to make [...]

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Monday Morning Video: Feed Jakes

A touching tribute to a good ol' local boy, David Jakes. And no, he's not dead. Does someone have to die to share a tribute of them? If you'd like to support the Feed Jakes cause, you can purchase a JakesOnline thong from CafePress. 20% of every sale goes to feeding Jakes. The rest goes [...]

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Speech to Text… For a price

I've tried to use dictation software before. I believe it was Dragon Naturally Speaking. I spent hours reading paragraphs aloud, repeating phrases and correcting it. During one attempt, I spent two hours a day training the software to recognize my speech patterns. The end result though, was that I still had to talk like a [...]

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Policies getting in the way

Of all the big players in the social networking landscape, Facebook is the only one that I can honestly say that I actively participate on. After arriving home from NECC, I posted a question asking people to share their one 'big' takeaway from the conference. Alfred Thompson's response was: Bloggers will talk and talk and [...]

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Another NECC highlight: Meeting Roger Wagner

If you've been in computers more than 5 years, you know what Hyperstudio is. Hands down, one of the greatest programs for education ever. Of course, after it was bought out, it went downhill fast. Development came to a standstill, and they never wound up releasing an OSX version. Half the team left the product [...]

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