Closing NECC Keynote: Tim Tyson

Well, NECC will be over in about an hour and I'm finally sitting down to my first session! I just met Tim Tyson for the first time yesterday when we shared the stage for Podcasting for the Complete Beginner. It was nice to hear him speak yesterday, but he was restricted to 3-4 minute soundbites, [...]

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NECC update

As I sit here in the lobby of the Omni, I realize that this is the first time in the last four days that I haven't been actively involved in a conversation with people. When I used to go to conferences, as a young and budding blogger, I'd typically sit down along the wall somewhere [...]

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EduBloggerCon – In retrospect

EduBloggerCon has come and gone and to say it was a success would be an understatement. The networking alone made it a success, but it was the conversations that are going to stick with me. I'm still not 100% sure whether we'll be able to look back on it as any sort of a turning [...]

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EduBloggerCon – Morning recap

I would happily take two or three days of this. Being able to talk face to face with dozens of people who I've read, followed, Skyped, chatted with, and listened to for so many years. To be able to discussion something in real time. So often the conversation is passive. I lurk on far more [...]

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What does the school of the future look like?

Posted by mobile phone:In a session on what the schiol of the future sould actually look like. I'm recordng it and Vicki has been taking great noted (I've been watching over her shoulder). So keep an eye on Twitter and the edubloggercon wiki for details of this great conversation. Tags: EduBloggerCon07 EduBloggerCon2007 NECC2007 NECC07

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Touchdown, Atlanta

This was the most uneventful trip through O'Hare airport that I've had in months. Not a single delay, not a single problem. I love Atlanta already! I checked the weather report. It's hot and it ain't cooling off. But that's alright. Perfect weather for a conference. Ever since I started working for Discovery, my conference [...]

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Monday Morning Video: What do teachers make?

This one gets loud, so if yer at work, keep the volume control handy. Taylor Mall is a slam poet, who addresses a question that every teacher has heard at one time or another, "So, what do you make?" Take notes everybody, because I found this to be one heck of an answer.

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