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Will you be a Hero in the Hallway?

Maybe I should start every work week with a video…

This one comes from Bobby Barrett of Cary Grove High School and Kyle Barrett from the University of Illinois. Bullying, be it in person or cyber, has affected us all. Kyle and Bobby have a powerful message to send to everyone about being a hero and taking a stand.

  • Argh! Video blocked at school! You need to start using TeacherTube, Steve šŸ™‚



  • LoL, if it was ON TeacherTube, I’d have linked ot it from there!



  • Great idea about starting the week with a video…Inspired me to do the same for our division.

    Also believe in the need to discuss bullying in a larger context rather than simply as a cyberbullying issue. That’s just my deal.

    Dean Shareski


  • Excellent.
    Very timely.

    Casey Hales


  • […] I also may use the YouTube video “Hero in the Hallway!” about kids taking action to stop bullying and cyberbullying. I saw that tonight on LeaderTalk, courtesy of Rick who found it via Stephen Rahn via Vicki Davis via Steve Dembo. Thanks to all for sharing! […]

  • Great message. Keep up your good work.



  • It is amazing to see how quickly this video is making it around the blogosphere. It is moving faster than Kirstie Allie changes dress sizes! I think the power of this new network is the ability to share and lead for the power of good. It is great to be a part of it.

    Thank you for sharing the video!

    Vicki Davis