TweetVolume: Teach42 is on par with Brie

I fully admit that some of these blog posts are full of cheese. And my tweets even more so. However, now I have a way to measure it. TweetVolume allows you to search for different terms and see how often they've been mentioned on Twitter. So I did a search for cheesy things, like Gouda, [...]

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Google Maps keeps getting cooler

Two new features for Google Maps. Firstly is the ability to jump into the map and get yourself a 3D view of a location. It's called Street Views and unfortunately is only available in San Jose and New York right now. But it's pretty sweet and adds a whole dimension to online maps. I know [...]

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Help a teacher out with some Podcasting research

Jane Nicholls is looking for some help with some podcasting research she's doing. She's looking at the question "In what ways does podcasting enhance oral literacies?" If you could provide an example of your students demonstrating any of these things I would love to hear about it and incorporate it into my study. Please leave [...]

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A Fair(y) Use Tale

Fair use is a tricky to wrap your mind around. Eric Faden of Bucknell University has found a great way to get the main ideas across. He chops up Disney videos to introduce key concepts and explain the issues. Would be a great way to introduce Fair Use in your copyright and ethics units.

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Women in Art

This is really beautiful. I'm ashamed at how few of these paintings I recognize though. Hey Art Guy, think this could be a weeks worth of lessons, identifying all the women in this video?

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K12 Online Conference: Year 2

If you haven't already heard yet, the K12 Online Conference is ramping up again for 2007. The official call for proposals can be found here. I really think what they put together last year was absolutely incredible, and is still a valuable resource to educators regardless of their experience level. Last year I presented a [...]

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WordPress 2.2

Not even a week after I get my blog updated to Wordpress 2.1.3, they come out with a new release. Guess I'll have to upgrade to Wordpress 2.2 now

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Tuesdays with Tarski

Trying out yet another theme today, and I'm definitely digging this one. It's called Tarski, and it's described by its authors as: Flexible and customisable, Tarski was created with blog authors in mind: it’s easy to install and personalise. However, Tarski is also highly extensible and employs a number of innovative features which the more [...]

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