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Every month I get to host EdTechConnect, which is a free webinar featuring people like David Warlick, Will Richardson, Doug Johnson, Kathy Schrock and so on… This month we’re doing things a bit different. We’ll be hosting a webinar every week for the month of April, focusing specifically on unitedstreaming. Even if you don’t have unitedstreaming at your school (I didn’t when I was teaching), some of them will definitely still be worth attending because much of the content will apply to just about any digital media application.

Cost? NONE. Free and open to the public!

To register, just head over to this page and you can enroll in any of them.

April 4: Staggeringly Great Things Mixing Media and Google Earth with Hall Davidson
April 11: unitedstreaming 24/7 with Lance Rougeux
April 18: Widgetizing the Builders with Steve Dembo
April 25: Do You Have the Audacity to Podcast? with Jannita Demian

Tomorrow’s webinar with Hall Davidson definitely promises to be fun. Hall is one of those presenters that never does the same thing twice. And if you haven’t seen him before, all I can say is that you should brace yourself and prepare to hold on for dear life as he has an enormous amount to share and moves quick!

If you’re school does have unitedstreaming, then you can’t go wrong with any of them. They’re all solid webinars and promise to be great fun and great learning. If you don’t have unitedstreaming, I’d probably lean away from mine this time around. It’s going to really focus in on the Builder’s tools within the site and how you can jazz them up with Web 2.0

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  1. Charlene 4/6/2007 at Apr 06, 07 | 11:23 am

    Thanks Steve.
    I did have a bit of trouble locating the password to connect to Hall’s presentation, but a quick phone call to Dan at Discovery Ed. helped us out!

    And, I don’t know if you have any control for the sound. Hall’s sound was not that loud, and we had 7! (count them!) educators attending in my lab. (Woo hoo!) — It was challenging as they were trying to follow along with Hall, and were so excited, but we couldn’t always hear every word — we are looking forward the archive.

    Thanks to you and the Discovery folks! We’ll be tuning in again!!


  2. Barbie Kloubed 4/7/2010 at Apr 07, 10 | 2:16 pm

    Is there anyway I can view Dr. Temple Grandin’s webinar at a latter time? I am unable to watch it the afternoon she is presenting and am very interested in hearing her webinar. Will it be available after the live broadcast?

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