Guest of WoW2.0

Tuesday I was lucky enough to be a guest on the Women of Web 2.0 podcast. Here's a link to the conversation, both audio and text chat. I gotta admit, I was trying to focus in on the conversation and completely missed the text chat during the bulk of the podcast! So I was fascinated [...]

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Outsource your tutoring?

In the continuing saga of The World is Really Really flat, I checked out WizIQ today. Basically it's a Web2.0 tutoring service. I've seen these before, and there are others that were much more impressive from a user interface perspective. But WizIQ caught my eye for a reason that really had nothing to do with [...]

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The Machine is Us/ing Us, Director’s cut

How many versions of this video have there been? Supposedly this is the final version, and once again its tearing up the YouTube charts. Anybody have any idea what's different this time? While I've never been a big fan of versioning (allowing for a .1, .2, 1.5 release etc), but this seems like a classic [...]

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Bloggers Choice Awards

Well, I wasn't going to mention this beyond a tweet, but what the heck. Blogger's Choice Awards are going on right now, and yes they do have an education category. What I like about this awards site is that you can vote for more than one weblog. And since you need to register to vote, [...]

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Who’s doing your research for you?

Dean Shareski has got a great way to explain the whole "professional development via RSS" idea. I’ve recently assembled a team of researchers who go out on a daily basis and find out what’s happening in the world of digital learning and education in general. This team is comprised of teachers, consultants and experts who [...]

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Your theme here.

I really think that Teach42 needs a new theme, and am loathing the project. I'm just not all that good at making things pretty! I know I want to keep the general logo that a friend of mine created, but besides that I'm pretty open. So open, that I'm going to open it up to [...]

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Is there space in your classroom for innovation?

I remember back in my glory days at the University of Iowa, when I was getting my bachelor's in Elementary Education, I only had to take one technology class. The final project was to send and receive email. No, I'm not joking. As you might be able to guess, I already knew how to do [...]

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Shameless request: Testimonials wanted

Over the years I've gotten some really touching emails from people who have told me how much they enjoyed reading this blog, listening to the podcasts and seeing me speak. I truly can't express just how much those have meant to me. And if I were a SMART person, I would have kept those emails, [...]

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Can your presentation stand on its own?

I'm in the middle of putting the finishing touches on a presentation that I'll be doing on Wednesday afternoon about integrating widgets into unitedstreaming's assignment builder and quiz builder. It occurred to me that like many of my other presentations, it will probably be almost completely worthless on its own. I always have people who [...]

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