James Farmer is at it again. The man who has brought you Edublogs.org, learnerblogs.org, uniblogs.org and eslblogs.org now brings you Edublogs Premium! In a nutshell, it’s basically like setting up your own personal copy of WordPress Multiuser. In fact, it’s essentially give you your own ‘edublogs.org’ to do with as you will.

You can serve up blogs for your entire faculty or student body and have overarching control over them. By control, I mean security control and control over things like themes and templates. It doesn’t give you a classroom style editorial process like you’d get from Class Blogmeister.

The good news is that you don’t need to know a lick of code for this one. Don’t need to worry about sql databases, editing config files, ftp’ing or anything. However, there’s always a catch. It seems a little pricey to me. About 1 dollar per blog per month at the lower tiers, and with it going down slightly the more blogs you host. Yes, that does include unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage (heh, I’d love to test that!), but I pay $6 a month for my hosting at Bluehost right now and have gads of storage and bandwidth. However, I’d need to install and set up WordPress MU myself, which could be a pain in the @$$. Also, I wouldn’t have anybody to call when things went wrong. So I guess it’s just what’s more important to you, the time/effort or the money.

Either way, if you’re going to be giving somebody money for hosting, you can’t go wrong writing a check out to James. He has proven his dedication to the educational community time and time again.