Photoshop Online – Death to all clones?

Mashable reports that Adobe has officially announced their intention to create an online photo editing app.... and it's going to be free. Obviously it won't be as powerful as Photoshop or even Elements, but that's still a pretty interesting announcement with implications for EdTech budgets everywhere. I already promote the usage of tools like Picnik [...]

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Tis conference season once again

I probably should have posted this one a few weeks ago, letting everyone know where I was going to be and when, but somehow it slipped my mind! I was at METC yesterday for a quick presentation and dinner with a bunch of DEN folks. The presentation was on Blogging and Podcasting, and was only [...]

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I’m more geeky than I thought – WordSource Bookmarklet!

So I'm digging WordSource, as I mentioned in my last blog post. I'm thinking that an easy to use bookmarklet would be really handy for it and wishing somebody would create one for me. Then I think to myself, well.... People create bookmarklets, right? It's just code, right? How hard can it possibly be? So [...]

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Senator Murphy seeks to protect students from his own blog.

Illinois is the new hot spot for DOPA-like legislation. As first reported by Michael Stephens, Senator Matt Murphy is seeking to ban all social networking websites from schools and libraries. What's a social networking website? Well, why restrict yourself by defining it? I learned today through Jenny's blog that Senator Murphy has a blog of [...]

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Who are you cheating?

Periodically I scan through my logs to see how many people have visited the site, what pages are getting hits, and how people arrive here. The search terms are always interesting, the list of terms that people use to arrive here really crack me up sometimes. However today I saw a search that was honestly [...]

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Exploring the world of online apps at Digital Passports

I just got an email from someone who mentioned that she was surprised she didn't know I was blogging over at Digital Passports as well, so I thought I'd take a minute to pimp my other blog. Basically over at Digital Passports I'm exploring the wacky world of online apps, Web 2.0 and the like. [...]

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Free stuff? Sure, I’ll jump on the bandwagon

If it's good enough for Ewan, it's good enough for me! Someone has come up with a way to back up your entire iTunes library online. I gotta admit, that sounds insane, but it isn't a free service, so I guess they can find a way to make ends meet. I'm really curious to know [...]

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Stoopid private alphas/betas

Bah, there's two sites that I'm interested in checking out, but both are private right now and I don't have a stoopid invitation. The first is called Mindmeister , currently in alpha. Looks like an online version of Mindmanager Pro, which I was a huge fan of, but couldn't really use because I needed an [...]

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Illinois legislation, the ugly and the really REALLY good.

I was first alerted to this through Will's blog. Apparently, Michael Stephens noticed an article detailing an Illinois state senate bill that was submitted shortly before the deadline. The bill is called the Social Networking Web site Prohibition Act. Can you guess what it does? Provides that each public library must prohibit access to social [...]

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