Google Earth Meme

I know, I know, "Not another meme!" But this one has a little twist to it. Lucy Gray is organizing a Google Earth Meme, where your answers are embedded into a Google Earth file. That way you can zoom around the map and see where people live/work as well as their answers to two questions: [...]

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Researching a digital camera? Use Flickr!

File this under cool uses of new tech. Whether you realize it or not, your digital camera snaps a whole lot more than just the photo. Most of you know that it also records the time and the date. However, many digital cameras also the settings that were used to snap the photo as well [...]

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More Ketchup

Wow. People weren't kidding when they say that having a kid changes everything! First of all, thanks for all the comments and emails wishing us well. It has really been touching, and a testament to just how powerful these mostly virtual relationships can be. I was going through the comments and reading them to Jess [...]

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Aiden Lefty Dembo

About 15 hours ago, Aiden Lefty Dembo was born! Official time was 8:49 on January 9th, 2007. Despite staying tight for 36 hours of labor and focing a C-Section, he was only 7 pounds! He's 19" inches in length, but I think 2 of those inches were because he had a little bit of a [...]

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What’s your favorite Web 2.0 site?

I'm in the process of putting together a presentation about some of the best FREE Web 2.0 sites for educators. Nothing too heavy, this is going to be a whirlwind tour of free tools available to teachers that they may want to take advantage of. What do you think are three sites that absolutely MUST [...]

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The joys of the media center

A couple of years ago, I mentioned that I wanted to get access to all my media anywhere at any time. I actually think I'm there now! On Black Friday, I got lucky enough to score a new desktop for $399 from Best Buy (I had to beat up two old ladies and step on [...]

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Tagged, tagged and tagged

Well, I done been tagged by a few friends over the vacation that was far too short, so Kathy, Chris and Beth, this post is for you! (As I just discovered, David Jakes too!) Five things you may not know about me: 1) I'm a geek. No, seriously, I really mean it. I'm not talking [...]

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