I'd been putting off this post for several days while I figured out exactly what I wanted to say. Then I finally did and got it all typed out. Then I accidentally navigated away from the page and lost it all. *sighs* I never learn to save strategically throughout writing. Well, if it was worth [...]

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Vista vs. OSX

Jon Stoper pointed out a great video comparing Vista and OSX. While I haven't tried out Vista yet, after watching this video I get the feeling that I'll be right at home.

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Wii have a problem here

A co-worker in the office shared this site with me today. Check it out particularly if you're thinking about buying a Nintendo Wii for yourself or that special someone this holiday season! Pretty scary stuff. Maybe making a controller that you swing around wasn't such a good idea after all.

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Free webinar with Will Richardson

A lot of what I do for Discovery is exclusive to customers, and while I'd love to keep everything open to the world, it IS a business and they do pay the bills. However, I'm always amazed at just how much they do that is available to anyone and everyone, regardless of whether you're a [...]

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Blogging for your own future reference.

There have been times when I've felt guilty about failing to blog about something. Usually, I feel like I'm missing an opportunity to share something with other educators, and then I rationalize it by affirming that nobody is depending on me for this, and if they don't get it from me they'll get it from [...]

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