A litle ketchup

Been quiet 'round these parts! Between the move, the baby, and some major hassles with the ol' ball and chain , blogging has gone to the bottom of the list for November. Want to know how out of it I was? I had no idea that the Edublog Awards were accepting nominations right now and [...]

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Teach42 – Back again

Blech. Site got hacked again. Something corrupted my current theme template as well as changing a bunch of permissions throughout the site. At first it went back up with the old theme but I think I have the current theme working again. Wotta a pain. HOpefully the latest and greatest security update will keep the [...]

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Free Webinar with Warlick

Quite a bit of what i do for Discovery is only available to customers, but this one is open to anybody and everybody so I thought I'd throw a plug for it out here too. If you're a fan of David Warlick (and let's face it, if you're reading this blog then he's probably on [...]

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Vyew part Deux

I've talked about Vyew before and how I think that it's one of the better 'Office 2.0' applications out there.  Well, now it's gotten even better.  Vyew 2.0 has just entered into public beta. For those that don't remember, Vyew is a free webinar solution, similar to Webex which is what we use here in [...]

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Presenting at TRETC

File this under both the "Shameless Plug" category and the "If You're In the Area Let's Grab a Beer" category. Next week I'm going to be in Pittsburgh doing a keynote for the Three Rivers Educational Technology Conference.  If you're in the area, you should swing by!  Peeking in at the agenda, it's chock full [...]

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Pi never looked so cool.

Yes, this is a graphical reprsentation of Pi.  I'm not sure how you can use this in the classroom or anything, but I just find it incredibly cool.  Now where can I order a poster of this...

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Your blog or your job. You have 30 seconds to decide.

Yesterday I posted whimsically that that I would sell of my blog in a heartbeat if I could actually get even a fraction of what one website 'estimates' it's worth.  That got me thinking though.  When I worked at my last school, I was extraordinarily careful about making sure I never named where I was [...]

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