Make some Change for Katrina victims

The Discovery Educator Network partnered up with Habitat for Humanity when they launched a program called Making Change for Katrina.  Here's the quick explanation of what it is:We focused on spare change because Coinstar estimates there is $10.5 billion in uncirculated spare change sitting in U.S. homes. We thought if we could collect even just [...]

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A little ego boost to start the morning

While following the trail of conversations that have erupted in the wake of Stephen Downes comments about the K12 Online Conference, I encountered this post on the Dangerously Irrelevant blog.  Scott shows how his blog ranks among some of the well known blogs in the EdTech world.  Can I just say that I'm glad I'm [...]

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More Google: Gadget contest for students

One more from the Google category.  And while this contest is for university students, in my mind this is exactly the sort of thing our secondary students (possibly even more advanced middle school students) should be doing in the computer lab as it is.   Google is hosting a contest for students who create Gadgets for [...]

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Goodbye Writely, hello Google Docs

In case you hadn't seen yet, Google has been pretty busy of late.  Buying up YouTube, starting up an educator network (sounds vaguely familiar), and now bringing Writely into the fold.  Writely and Google Spreadsheets have now joined forces to become Google Docs and Spreadsheets.  The interface is clearly all Google now, but the functionality [...]

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Blogapalooza @ Yukon

I'm frantically finishing up a new presentation and keep coming across things that are potentially distracting that I want to share!Check Blogapalooza from  "Writing Blog Central", Yukon Collage in Canada.  Don't you want to attend the workshop?

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On blogs and relationships

There's been some great comments on my last post about blogging success, but a snippet from a comment from Artichoke has got me thinking.  Relationships are what new learning is founded on, and comments are the online drivers for relationships. So perhaps comments are an indicator of blog success, not the number of comments but [...]

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As a blogger, how do you define success?

I guess yesterday's post has got me turning the thinking cap inward.  I've been trying to figure out exactly what makes a blog 'successful' and what that reallly means.The most obvious answer is audience size.  More subscribers means more success.  But that doesn't feel right.  For example, there are many blogs that have far fewer [...]

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Freakonimics Study Guide

While reading a post from Anne Davis, I got turned on to the blog from the authors of Freakonomics.  If you haven't read the book, I highly reccomend it.  Fascinating peek at today's world in ways you would never ordinarily consider.  It's a quick read too, like reading a magazine.Appearantly, quite a few colleges are [...]

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The Technology Ninja tackles the tough ones

Heh, looks like the Bionic Teachers has found a way to get technology tips out that has really struck a chord with his students and faculty.  Meet the Technology Ninja. The Early Years The Technology Ninja’s mother was a volcano and his father was an accountant from Belarus. His parents always had an explosive relationship [...]

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MySpace and Facebook Rock the Vote

While this sure as heck ain't a reason to unblock them in your school, both MySpace and Facebook are trying to convert users to the light side of the Force.  The two largest social networking sites have created links that allow people to register to vote through their websites.  Facebook has over 9 million users, [...]

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