Hostile takeover of Teach42?

I registered Teach42 for Blogshares way back in the day, but never really got into it. Every once in a rare while, I'd swing by and look at it, but I didn't 'get' it. I can't remember whose link I followed today, but I wound up on Blogshares and looked up this blog. At first [...]

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Taking the pain out of parent teacher conference scheduling

I may not be working at a school right now, but I still wake up in a cold sweat when I think about scheduling parent teacher conferences. For years, it was an absolute nightmare for everybody involved. The parents had problems getting times that worked for them, in blocks that actually made sense. Teachers either [...]

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Flickr in Education – Students’ thoughts on the subject

Plenty of people have discussed whether Flickr is appropriate for education. There's no quesiton it's sexy, and if you have modest needs it's free. However, it is essentially unmoderated and it's possible for adventurous students to find images that are clearly not ed-safe. Instead of dictating policy for his students, he brought them into the [...]

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Drag and Drop Geotagging with Flickr

Thanks for the tip from Jim Wenzloff Flickr has added a great new feature recently, drag and drop geotagging. The only way it could be easier is if camera had a GPS chip in it. Just click on Organizr and then click on Map. From there, you can drag your photos onto a map where [...]

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Crazy about commenting

This one is good enough that I had to cross post it with the DEN blog. CoolCatTeacher has got a fantastic post about how valuable commenting is as part of the blogging process. She also shares her tips for being a comment king or queen. Commenting has truly been the fuel that has fired readership [...]

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Animator vs. Animation

Via Cogdogblog: Take a break today and enjoy a little Flash animation. If you've ever used Flash, you can truly appreciate the creative use of the various tools in the software.

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Back to Boston: Building Learning Communities podcasts released

Via Joyce Valenza Podcasts of many of the sessions at the Building Learning Communities conference have been released! If you couldn't attend, you should definitely check them out. Heck, even if you did attend, this is your chance to get a second helping. My personal favorites are Marco Torres' opening keynote, Andy Hargreaves' day 2 [...]

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Be good at everything.

Around January 1st, my son will be born. He will be my first child. Let's be honest, life is pretty uncertain. It's possible he'll be my only child. It's my responsibility to raise him, to educate him, to instill morals and ethics into him. To prepare him for life in the 21st century. What will [...]

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Elgg: Wait till next release

I'm probably gonna get blasted for this one. I've been looking for some sort of software to create a custom, ed-safe MySpace. I posted about it and quite a few people suggested that I take a look at Elgg. Based on their advice, I decided to give it a shot. First I registered at their [...]

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You say you want a revolution?

After reading Guhlin's post about his fears that Discovery Education is taking over the digital media world, I had a very interesting IM conversation with Hall.  To be honest, at first I wasn't going to touch the conversation.  I think Hall is going to respond on our own blog.  But the conversation we were having [...]

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