I owe this one to Kathy Schrock.  We were chatting over dinner and I mentioned that I keep about 50 episodes of Jeopardy saved on my Tivo just in case I ever want to binge.  She sent me back a link to the Jeopardy Archive, which is the largest archive of Jeopardy clues on the internet. 

They have over 62,000 clues on the sight, astonishing to say the least.  At first I couldn’t figure out any practical reason to use the site, short of just using it for trivia, but then I realized that this could be a heck of alot of fun for classrooms.

Since it has a search feature, you can find all the Jeopardy questions they’ve ever used about a specific topic.  For example, if you search for Columbus, you’ll find 105 questions and answers.  What a great way to start a history lesson, or to quiz students midway through!  A sampling of answers:

  • Columbus scared the locals in Jamaica when he predicted one of these
  • When Columbus left spain on August 2rd, 1492, he was aboard this ship
  • Columbus named the island now usually called St Kitts for this man, his patron saint
  • In 1493, Columbus encountered this, Hawaii’s most valuable fruit crop, on the island of Guadeloupe

That’s just a taste.  Four out of the 100 plus.  And the fact that they were actually used on Jeopardy will definitely engage the students.  After all, kids aren’t supposed to ‘get’ Jeopardy, it’s just for geniuses, right?

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