A really lame defense of Wikipedia

I've gotten into a few sort of heated conversations with people lately about the relative merits of Wikipedia. The end result of most of those conversations was agreeing to disagree, and finding some modicrum of compromise, me agreeing that it's not an authoritative source, and them agreeing that it's not a complete pile of crap. [...]

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Podcasting returns to the iPod

At NECC I got a chance to play around a little bit with the new Belkin microphone for the video iPod. It took them way too long to finally come out with a microphone for the latest generation of iPod, but I do have to admit that they did a nice job with it. The [...]

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Anyone know how to make your own MySpace?

So I've got this budding idea for yet another website and kinda want to jump on the MySpace model. I know that ELGG has some good social networking features in it, but does anybody know of any others? Basically I'm looking for an engine/site that will allow users to create profiles, set their interests, and [...]

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Let’s see what you got on your Mac right now

I saw on the Unofficial Apple Weblog a screenshot of more icons than I've ever seen in my life before. Followed it back to the Flickr account and learned about a program called Todos, which basically pulls up a box that has an icon for every application you have on your computer. Pretty cool! The [...]

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Jeopardy questions and answers. All of them.

I owe this one to Kathy Schrock.  We were chatting over dinner and I mentioned that I keep about 50 episodes of Jeopardy saved on my Tivo just in case I ever want to binge.  She sent me back a link to the Jeopardy Archive, which is the largest archive of Jeopardy clues on the [...]

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BLC06: Mark Prensky, Engage Me or Enrage Me

I got here a little late, but I'm thrilled that Prensky is doing a presentation. If you haven't heard of him, stop reading and go visit his site. i'm not sure how he started, but right now he's giving an overview of the Native/Immigrant theory. Those of us that didn't grow up with the internet [...]

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BLC06: Hands on with Marco

When he creates projects with his students, they use a system comprised of four P's: Planning, producing, producing and Pheedback. Each P has a series of steps, and he has podcasts that outline every step of the way, designed by and for TEACHERS. He introduced the presentation by sharing a video that students made focusing [...]

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