Medieval Space – Harnassing the interest of MySpace

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This is the brilliance of simplicity. Want to teach your students about historical figures? Not just their names and dates, but to really get into their heads? Then have them create MySpace profiles for them!

BionicTeacher shares a project he did in conjunction with an English teacher in his school called Medieval Space, a historical paraody of MySpace. The assignment was to create MySpace profiles for figures like Richard III, and to figure out who their friends would be, what they would be blogging about, what music they’d be listening to and other such personal details. The results display quite a bit of thought and ingenuity.

The part I liked best was their choice of songs. They were started off with Richard III as an example page and I think that was key. His “currently playing iTunes song” was “Only God can Judge Me Now” by 2Pac and that started to loosen them up. His quote was “Don’t hate the player, hate the game.” and they did a great job finding more suitable quotes and songs for their pages.

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