Guess what? If you guessed that Jessica is pregnant and I'm going to become a father around  January 1st, 2007, then you're scary good at these guessing games!  was having a hard time believing it, but when they zoomed in during the ultrasound this morning and we could see the tiny little lime-sized baby (that's [...]

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Hitchhikr – The uber conference aggregator

2 Cents Worth » Announcing Leave it to Dave.  One of my favorite things about his presentations are the way he handles his resources and 'handouts'.  He has a wiki for each presentation with hyperlinks for the information he has talked about.  That's cool.  Oh yeah, since it's a wiki, anybody can add their [...]

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Seeing if Flock has wings

I can only read about so many people trying out a new browser before I have to give it a whirl myself.  So, today I've spent the day using Flock as my browser instead of Firefox.  First impressions?  I like it.  It grabbed all of my Firefox settings, bookmarks, cookies, and such so I really [...]

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One of the things I always liked about Furl better than was that you could actually choose to make some bookmarks private. Just in case you didn't want the world to know you were a huge fan of rodeo clowns, you could mark those bookmarks as private. Turns out there's a way to do [...]

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Medieval Space – Harnassing the interest of MySpace

This is the brilliance of simplicity. Want to teach your students about historical figures? Not just their names and dates, but to really get into their heads? Then have them create MySpace profiles for them! BionicTeacher shares a project he did in conjunction with an English teacher in his school called Medieval Space, a historical [...]

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Curse you Amir Dembo!

Ok, I feel bad cursing a college professor who certainly seems to be a genius, but I just can't seem to topple Amir Dembo's kung fu grip on the top spot when people do a Google search for Dembo! What's a guy gotta do to move up in the world?? Of course, he does have [...]

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Gabbly – Did you know your site already has a chat window?

This is strange, but very very cool. While browsing through ITRedux's Office 2.0 database, I came across Gabbly. At first I thought it was just another web based IM client like Meebo, but I was way off base. Gabbly is actually a site specific chat room that requires no code or installation to work on [...]

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Feeling adventurous? Give Vista a try!

Feeling adventurous? Here's your chance to give Windows Vista a try long before it's out on shelves. Microsoft has put the beta up for public testing, so you can check it out if you have the incliination. I'm wondering whether it will work on the Mac, so I'll be downloading it this weekend. Big ol' [...]

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I *heart* my OSXP

I noticed that the computer was a little pokey when switching between users and switching between operating systems with 512mb of RAM. It could be done, but it wasn't all that snappy. Considering it was a new computer, I didn't want to be feeling frustrated with it. So I spent $165 at and picked [...]

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