Cheating? Of course it is but….

Via Dan Mitchell NY TimesAt the University of California at Los Angeles, a student loaded his class notes into a handheld e-mail device and tried to read them during an exam; a classmate turned him in. At the journalism school at San Jose State University, students were caught using spell check on their laptops when part [...]

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I really want to like Google Reader. But I don’t.

I gave it a try.  I really wanted to like it.  I like just about everything that Google releases, but I just can't get into Google Reader.  After a friend reccomended it highly, I exported my blog list from Bloglines and imported it into Google Reader to give it the ol' college try.  I've used [...]

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KISS your images with AllYouCanUpload

This one is pretty sweet for anybody who's trying to incorporate images into a website nowadays.  AllYouCanUpload is a site brought to you by CNet that does one thing and does it well. It hosts your images for you.  That's it!There's no organization, no tags, no labels, no nothing.  You upload an image, it gives [...]

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Dabbling in DabbleDB

I'm a fan.  I think that's the simplest way to sum up how I feel about DabbleDB right now.  I think it rates somewhere between the lava lamp and sliced bread. It's a little hard to explain.  Much better to see it in action.  Thankfully, there's a few ways to do that.  The short video [...]

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A modern version of X marks the spot

Found two similar sites this morning that are pretty interesting, but I'm not sure they quite hit the mark dead on yet.  I found out about them through the Mobilgu newsletter.The first is Rrove, a social pushpin site that essentially allows you to bookmark and share map locations.  Amongst the things being commonly shared are [...]

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Students vs. Filters

CNet has an interesting article about how students are using internet proxies to get around school filtering systems and access banned sites like MySpace.Raise your hand if you're surprised by this.  That's what I thought.  A filter is a wondeful thing to prevent students from randomly accessing some internet sites.  Or to deter students from [...]

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Spams, Scams, and Prince Dembo

This one is a little weird. Anybody who knows me personally knows that I'm not a big fan of mass email forwards.  I usually don't even read them.  However, there are two categories of email that get under my skin more than any other; the ones that are chain letters disguised as antivirus warnings, and [...]

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Audio from the New Permanent Record

Thanks to the Podcast Academy crew, I've got audio to share from the keynote I did in Michicagan, The New Permanent Record.  That link will take you to both the audio and powerpoint slides, if you just want the audio you can get it here.  Big thanks to Jeff Flynn and the Podcast Academy team [...]

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60 sites in 60 minutes

Love this idea from the Shifted Librarian.  It's exactly what it sounds like, a sixty minute presentation that covers 60 sites that people might not have heard of but should probably be exposed to.  I went through the list of sites that she used for her presentation, and there were plenty that were new to [...]

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