GCast.com – A great resource for EduPodcasters!

Huge kudos to John Blake for pointing out this one out to me.GCast.com is a sister site to GarageBand.com, which has long been known for being a great source for 'pod safe' music.  GCast is similar to Audioblogger.com but has some great features that give it the nod in my book. First of all, it's [...]

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Couple gigabytes in your pocket

There are a million flash drives out there, and at this point I have so many 32mb drives that I don't even keep track of them anymore, but this is a deal that I might have to jump on myself. You can by a SanDisk 2GB Cruzer flash drive at Best Buy for the bargain price [...]

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Join me for the next EdTechConnect!

This is how crazy things are around here, I haven't had time to let ya'all know that I'll be speaking at the next EdTechConnect!  If you don't know what it is, EdTechConnect is a series of live webinars featuring some really prominent people in the field of Education Technology.  In the past few months, the [...]

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Meeting the Mythbusters and Bill Nye

Sometimes, this job is not fun.  Working the booth from open to close for example.  Although, as you can see from the photos below, sometimes it's a heck of a lot of fun.  I'll be writing more about NSTA soon, but here's just a little preview!

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Cosmeo in the news

That new website I wrote about, Cosmeo, was reviewed in the Wall Street Journal today.  Pretty positive review too!  They did have a few technical issues playing some of the videos in pesky browsers like Firefox (my browser of choice), but that didn't hold them back from giving it a thumbs up.  "Though Cosmeo is [...]

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Windows on the Mac! And this time, it’s not a hack

Via Kim Lim (and thanks for the IM!): It's official.  Windows XP is now completely supported on the new Intel Macs.  If you listen closely, you can hear the crowd in the street outside cheering.  Yes, this means you can have all the style of a Mac, the simplicity of a Mac, the wonderful integration [...]

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Connecting and Collaborating in Michigan

I'm still pretty new at the whole 'presenting' thing.  I mean, I taught for quite a while, and that's nothing more than presenting, but it's one thing to present for kids and another thing to present for your peers.  I always get pretty darn nervous, but once I get going I usually feel right as [...]

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