Podcasting and Videocasting galore

No, not a Teach42.com podcast or vlog, but I did finally piece together the first Discovery Educator Network podcast.  It featuers interviews with some teachers in Texas at the TCEA conference.  They plug the heck out of Discovery products.  What's interesting is that I really did not prompt them at all.  I swear!  That's not [...]

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Is that sixty four gigabytes in your pocket?

BUSlink's 64GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive PRO 2 Series - Engadget I misread this one at first and thought to myself, why would Engadget be covering a 64mb flash drive? Then I saw that it's not MB. It's GB. 64 GIGABYTES of solid state memory the size of a keyring. Yikes. Of course, it's only [...]

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Gaming away your ADD

Over the summer, I had the unique opportunity to get wired up and try a cutting edge 'solution' for ADD.  Well, I thought it was unique at the time.  Not so much I guess!I thought it was pretty darn cool and had a lot of potential, something that I would have liked to explore more [...]

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DabbleDB – I don’t know what it is, but it’s cool

Steve Burt talked about this briefly during the latest Ed Tech Coast to Coast and piqued my interest.  It's a web based app called DabbleDB.  I'm not exactly sure how to describe it.  It's sort of like Excel and Filemaker combined with silly putty.  All I know is that I want in.  After watching a [...]

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Mac Envy versus Tablet Envy

I've been pretty lucky.  I've owned just about every gadget that I've ever coveted at one time or another.  By making good use of eBay, there are very few pieces of technology that I havent' gotten my hands on at least for a little while.  However, I think I'm now in a rather uncomfortable position.I [...]

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Microsoft stealing Mac backgrounds?

Just doing a little more reading about Microsoft's Oragami project and found a set of the default backgrounds that the dvice is going to come with.  Is it just me or do they look strikingly similar to Mac OS X's default backgrounds?

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FETC 2006 – Learning in Orlando

Updated with PhotosBy all rights, this should be a series of 4 or 5 blog articles.  Instead, I'm going to make the classic blogging mistake and cram it all into one post.  But I had so many fantastic experiences at FETC that crossed over so many lines, I don't think I could seperate them if [...]

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Password protection for your feed?

I haven't had a chance to try this out, but while poking around Feedburner today, I noticed a feature I'd never seen before (well, quite a few, but one in paritcular). Feedburner now supports the use of a username and password to protect your feed. This doesn't sound like a big deal, but if it [...]

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Discovery Educator Abroad: Pacific Rim

Just got a new site up today!  I've been in love with this project the moment I heard about it.  I mentioned it in brief a couple weeks ago, but things are up and rolling now.  The site is DiscoveryEducatorAbroad.com.  There's a Travel Channel show called 5 Takes: Pacific Rim and we got permission to [...]

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Raise your hand if you’re a rock star

Catching up on the aggregator a bit today, and found something a little ironic while reading through David Warlick's blog. First I read about his experience meeting Consuelo Molina.  I looked back — at a young man with a hulking video camera resting on his shoulder, and that customary tremor of terror ricocheted through my [...]

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