Do you feel that ‘buzz’?

It's 8:00am in beautiful, historic, St. Charles Illinois (I'm not sure what specifically is historic about it, but there must be something). It's quiet right now, but in half an hour this convention center will be buzzing with the sounds of keyboards clacking, mice double clicking and most of all, educators learning. Today kicks off [...]

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Regaining what I miss from OSX – Magnification

I miss my Mac.  Let me get that out of the way.  There are plenty of reasons why I like Windows too, and wouldn't dream of trying to say that one OS is better than another, but there are certain little features built into OSX that I miss quite a bit.  Slowly but surely, I'm [...]

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A highlight from the blogroll: The Tech Savvy Educator

It's been a little while since I've gone through a lot of the feeds in my aggregator, but while doing some reading today one blog really stood out to me.  Ben, over at Tech Savvy Educator, does a fantastic job of highlighting some very practical ideas for integrating technology into education, and also demonstrating ways [...]

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Telemarketing via Skype

I just had a very strange experience.  I got a Skype phone call from a name that I didn't recognize.  This isn't really all that unusual, happens fairly often.  However, this call was from someone who was clearly telemarketing.  He told me that he was a big fan of the podcast (I have no idea [...]

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High compatibility

Was reading Cigar Aficionado on the plane ride to TCEA today, and came across a fantastic line.  Page 43, a review of the Colibri M-Stick lighter.  It's a lighter with a built in USB drive, 128mb.  I'm sure airport security would love to take one of those."The stick is compatible with Windows ME and Mac [...]

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