Video Wishlist

There's a great little conversation going on about what sorts of things you'd include on a Video Wish List!. Hall listed some of his gear of choice, and several other people have chimed in with their own contributions. From my days as a tech director, we found ourselves sort of reinventing the wheel, trying to [...]

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This will go down on your permanent record.

A friend of mine who just started blogging recently (and has been writing up a STORM) shared a post entitled Anonymity, where art thou? describing how he used the internet to track down somebody that had recently visited his wedding site. Essentially, he found the person's IP address in his logs, used to trace [...]

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Wikipedia garbage?

Kate took the time to respond to my Wikipedia v. Britannica postJust be careful letting your students use Wikipedia - because it is NOT an acceptable college resource - so perhaps it is best not to teach your students bad habits. Want to see an example of the garbage in Wikipedia - go to the [...]

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Looks like I'm going to be heading out to PodcasterCon in January! I love the idea. It's a totally free, Open Space conference. Want to discuss something specific? Then set it up! Right now I'm looking forward to hanging out at Warlick's session: Podcasting as a Teaching/Learning Strategy, but there's a few other ideas percolating [...]

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Measure twice, cut once when moving to a new OS

Via The EduBlog: Savings With Open Source in Schools Also, I watched our network administrator try to install Linux on a new Dell. The linux distro was sent to our district by Novell as a demo. The install went very smooth. I then asked if he could install a program for my students to edit [...]

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The Rasterbator

It might be the worst name for a web service in history, buy it's a pretty darn cool little piece of code. The Rasterbator is a service that allows you to input an image (photo, graphic, illustration, etc...) and it will create a giant new rasterized image from it. "The rasterized images can be printed [...]

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A quick starter kit of blogs

A starter set of EduBlogs The entire DEN team recently got together in Maryland for a series of team building activites, meetings and trainings. I did a whirlwind tour of the blogging world and got everybody started up in Bloglines. I just realized that the list I pulled together for them might have some value [...]

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It’s a smaller world after all.

I'm in Iowa City for the holidays, visiting the in-laws. There's just a few things that are still hanging over my head so I figured I'd try to get just a little bit of work done in the mornign so I could enjoy the rest of the day. However, several seperate events have really got [...]

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Wikipedia vs. Britannica at the OK Corral

Via Will Richardson: When I've recommended that students use Wikipedia as a resource, I've always told them that they can't trust what they're reading 100% and that they should always verify their facts with a second source. But do people do the same with the Encyclopedia Britannica? In case you didn't see it, The Journal [...]

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