A few days ago, John Pederson posted that his goal was to introduce href=”http://pedersondesigns.com/2005/11/11/new-blogger-challenge/#comments”>10 new people to Bloglines in 10 days.. I’d love to know how that’s going. Regardless, he’s got a great wiki about getting started with blogs along with 20 blogs that people should subscribe to right from the beginning. You know, to get a feel for what blogging is all about in education. It’s a great list too, I found a few blogs that I wasn’t subscribed to that I’m checking out now.

Anyway, the little tidbit of the day is that Tom Hoffman left a comment saying that it was possible to do this directly. In other words, have people register for Bloglines with a prepopulated list of ed-blogs. Tom couldn’t remember how to do it, but I find what he was talking about with a little exploring around the Bloglines site.

If you go into Bloglines, click on My Feeds and scroll down to the bottom of the left hand frame, you’ll see a link called “Tell a friend”. Clicking on it allows you to enter in a list of email addresses and to pick among blogs you currently subscribe to. It will send out an email with a link to bloglines that will allow someone to register a new account at bloglines prepopulated with your chosen blogs!

Wow, I wish I’d known about this the last few times I got people started on bloglines. MUCH easier than having them jump from place to place to place subscribing to blogs without really understanding what it’s all about yet.

Very very cool for inservices, presentations and just getting friends and co-workers started in general.

And that was your technology tip of the day!