Yahoo mail gets RSS.

If you already use Yahoo Mail, you're going to be seriously stoked about this one. If you don't use it, this could almost be a good enough reason to switch. I'm still a big gmail fan, but this has me drooling Yahoo announced today that they've built an RSS aggregator in to Yahoo Mail. Since [...]

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A swing and a miss. PSP to support RSS. Sort of.

The only reason I'm bringing this up is because A) I own a PSP and B) Many of your students own one or a similar device (such as a palm, ipod, cell phone,etc.) Sony updated the PSP firmware and they have now built in RSS support! Sounds fantastic, eh? Unfortunately, not really. They came so [...]

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Thought cycle of a new idea

I was reading Dean's post about discussing why educators should try to comment more on other people's blogs and followed a link to a student of his. I love the name of the blog (This is Not a Rant), but besides that I found a post that really reinforces what he was talking about. As [...]

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Exercise your right to vote at the Edublog Awards

The Edublog Awards 2005 have been announced. I think the hard part is going to be narrowing down my nominations to two per catgory. There's so many good blogs out there that should be recognized. The best part about the awards are that they let you know about the blogs you should be checking out [...]

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Help too much or too little

Hrrrm... Interesting post by the Bionic Teacher: The Line Between Helping and Helping Too Much. Something that I've struggled with quite a bit, and am struggling with right now actually. Where's the line between spoon feeding and making something painless? I don't believe everyone needs to be a geek. Most people can get through life [...]

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Blawgthink and Open Space

Last week I presented a little session about podcasting at Blawgthink, a conference for legal bloggers. The first day of the conference was fairly traditional, with various strands and presentations for all varieties of skill levels. The second day was entirely in the Open Space format. There were no scheduled sessions, the agenda was created [...]

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Videoblogging – Think of it as an alpha.

Ok, I really shouldn't get into this one because I know I'm going to wind up on a soap box, but Dean's post about videoblogging has forced me to comment. He's actually responding to a post of Alan's, so you can get all the background you might need! My two cents on video blogging: It's [...]

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Tag the good stuff. Duh.

Re: Are you burying your content? Ever feel really dumb when you have the tools to make what seems like a complicated task incredibly simple but you don't even realize it? I was just commenting on how one problem with a blog is that your good content eventually drifts off into the ether. It's still [...]

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