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It has been weeks since I blogged, months since I last podcast. There are two reasons for this: I have no internet connection at work which is where I’m spending most of my time lately and when I’m not at work, I’m making sure that I spend at least a minimal amount of time with my wife and dog before working from home.

I don’t want to get into it, but let just say that things are a little tough at the new job. The classroom is fantastic and I’m loving spending my days with students again, but there are several other issues that are troublesome above and beyond the hours. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

There are 30 desktop computers sitting in a storage room right now and eventually we’re supposed to get laptops. The school currently has internet in only one office. I set up a wireless router that I had lying around, but it doesn’t reach my classroom. So consequently, I’m disconnected from the world. I really do feel truly disconnected. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought, “This child needs help writing numbers, I’ll just print out a practice page for them.” Or “I’d like to do a quick graph, I’ll just print out some clip art to use.” Unfortunately I don’t have a computer, printer or internet. It’s amazing just how much of a difference having access to the internet can make.

My point in mentioning this isn’t to complain, I know that things are in the works and that they take time. But it really emphasizes just how important that internet connection is. I know I blogged about that in my last entry, but every day that goes by without it really drives that point home just a little bit more.

So where do things stand? Well, they’re on hold. I have about two hours per night that I can spend with my wife. I don’t feel it’s fair to spend that time on the computer instead of with her. As important as podcasting and blogging is to me, my personal life is even more important. Once the school is ‘wired up’, I’m going to try to do some blogging and/or podcasting before school starts early in the morning. Unfortunately for now, things are just on pause.

Don’t worry, I may be on an unwanted hiatus, but I’m not gone. I’ll be back and active before you know it!


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  1. Bud Hunt 9/20/2005 at Sep 20, 05 | 5:05 am

    No worries, Steve. I’m curious to hear more about your school — but I certainly agree that you should be spending time with family and taking a break from work. It’s funny how dependent we’ve become on the networks of information in our lives, isn’t it? I miss my regular update on your teaching world, but I’m happy to wait a little longer.
    All the best to you,


  2. Jack MacLeod 9/20/2005 at Sep 20, 05 | 8:21 am

    Steve, you have your priorities straight man. The wife has to come before blogging and podcasting. It’s hard to believe that how much we’ve come to rely on access to the net. When I started teaching 10 years ago, we were one of the few schools with access and I could have given or taken it on any day. Now, I’d be up the proverbial creek if I wasn’t connected.

    If only I could get my feet under me so I could start blogging again.


  3. The Wife 9/20/2005 at Sep 20, 05 | 9:58 am

    As I have seen responses from others saying how you have your priorities right, I just wanted them to hear from me as well. Although it has been a rough start to a school year, you have been above and beyond a wonderful and caring husband a few staggles aside. No matter how tough a day either of us have, we know that we can come home and be together.

    The Wife

  4. Naomi 9/21/2005 at Sep 21, 05 | 2:23 pm

    Steve, Instead of complaining about the problem, find a way around it. If the world were to lose computers, what would you do to teach? If the computers are down (or nonexistent) at school, prepare at home. Why can’t you take your personal computer to school? You already have a router at school that works there. You think outside the box in all your blogs, yet can’t seem to overcome a problem that some of us face each and every day at our schools. We all have problems unique to our envirnoment, location, boss, school district, administration (or lack thereof), whatever, yet those of us (like you) who are in this field for the kids find a way to look beyond the problems to the smiling faces of the students. You seem creative enough. Don’t lose the large picture by focusing on the small. You can overcome this!

  5. Tom 9/21/2005 at Sep 21, 05 | 6:01 pm

    I know the feeling. I find it hard to justify blogging or spending a lot of time on the computer at this point. In my old job I had huge empty gaps during the day with high speed access and blogging was easy. Now there is little to no time at work even if I show up early and time at home is running short with remodeling, a two year old and a new baby due this November. I do miss the connections and due to a new night job (not too taxing and with wi-fi) I’m starting to catch up on reading blogs at least.

    Figured I’d let you know I still check your blog and look forward to hearing from you more when you’ve got the time. It also sounds like you’ve got a great wife and it is cool she reads your blog and posts comments.

  6. Steve 9/21/2005 at Sep 21, 05 | 6:52 pm

    My point was not to complain and if that’s the way it came off, well obviously I didn’t do a very good job of blogging. It’s simply the reality of a new school that things are slow to start up. If this were going to be a year long problem, then I would definitely be working actively to find a way around it. I actually did bring in my laptop, but my room does not get the wireless signal that I set up. I brought in my inkjet printer, but without internet I found it just sitting there unused. Yes, there are still things I could possibly do with it, but lack of internet really takes away the vast majority of the ability to do things in the spur of the moment. I do plenty of work from home and print things out to take to school, which is all the workaround I need right now.

    You say “You can overcome this!” as though what I wrote about was something to overcome! It isn’t. It’s simply where things are at right now. That’s not a bad thing nor a good thing, it just is. As you say, I’m focusing on the large picture which is teaching and making sure that I maintain a healthy personal life as well. I do what I can, keeping the priority on the classroom.

    I don’t need the internet to teach. However, having access to the internet opens up a world of opportunties. I woulc go so far as to say I would rather have an internet connection than ANY other software on a computer. Is it necessary? Nope! But I am eagerly waiting for my room to be hooked up.

    Thanks for caring enough to tell me to get over it though! ūüôā

  7. Eric 9/21/2005 at Sep 21, 05 | 7:55 pm


    I’ll keep checking in and when you get another podcast up great, until then good luck with all the other things happening and keeping a balance. You are one of the reasons I started my own podcast! Thanks and keep doing the great job you are doing.

  8. Naomi 9/22/2005 at Sep 22, 05 | 6:53 am

    Great response! It’s understandable that frustrations and venting get in the way of great blogging. I stumbled across your blogs a few months back and enjoy reading them. They inspire me. Your latest one had me worried, so I found myself compelled to write a response. I should have figured out that you already found alternative solutions to get you through the “start up” problems, based on what I previously read in your blogs. I’m not as hooked on the internet yet and am a relative newcomer to the internet, blogging, etc, for technical reasons that should have been aparent from my last response, so I suppose I look at your problems with a different eye. I’m anxious to hear how the start up progresses. Please keep us all updated as you find the time!

    As long as one’s home life is healthy and vibrant, one can survive and handle any difficult situation thrown in one’s path. It’s wonderful that your spouse is so supportive. I’m sure it makes things easier, and it’s clear how much she supports you when she even finds it important enough to comment on your blogs! How wonderful!

  9. Terry 9/22/2005 at Sep 22, 05 | 7:37 pm

    You have yr priorities right, but if you cut out sleep you wouldn’t NEED to prioritise!

  10. Rachel 9/26/2005 at Sep 26, 05 | 4:42 pm

    Hi Steve
    I’d be breaking out in a cold sweat by now :-)It’s our holidays right now & i promised my family to put away may laptop 4 a week… That’s ok got another week to go – i hope the sun will be shining next week! Our schools in NZ may not realise how lucky we are when i read some of the stories about access & infrastructure coming from some US blogs i am reading. There has been a huge investment in ICT in our schools in recent years. All K1-12 teachers get laptops for about $3USD perweek (usually the school pays for this). Free MS software (govt.pays licences). Assistence to upgrade network infrastructure for schools that are not networked. Access to high speed Internet for all schools (some of my schools are so rural & remote they have to have satellite that is hugely expensive and …. again paid 4 by the govt) Free student admin. software & the training to go with it, free content & filtering through a choice of managed internet systems. + loads of Professional Development for teachers so they can make the most of the great opportunities that have literally been handed to them on a plate. I sometimes wonder about the agenda of the government – trying to keep NZ competitive in a global marketplace but the cutting edge for me is the difference it can make for our kids in the classroom. I wish it was like this when i was at school!
    I hope you have some control over access to resources at your school Steve – I’d be a bit worried myself if i was waiting for administration to ‘get round to it’.

  11. Jack MacLeod 10/1/2005 at Oct 01, 05 | 2:57 pm

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