Obligated to blog? I don’t think so.

Yesterday's post generated a bit of discussion, so I thought that I might clarify my own position about blogging and the frequency of posts. When I read something interesting, I like to share it with people. When I learn something new, I want to pass on that knowledge. When I'm struggling with an idea, I [...]

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Talk about Google on Google Talk

Since I haven't read through my feeds yet, I hadn't heard about this one until today. I'm sure that people like Tim and Tom and Albert posted about it a week ago, but it's news to me! Google has released its much anticipated IM program Google Talk which combines Instant Messaging with Skype-like real time [...]

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Where did all my old habits go?

For the past few years, I would get to school early, read through my feeds on bloglines, write a response or two, download some podcasts and listen to them on the way home. This year, I've been back at school for three weeks and have only blogged twice. Both of those were at workshops as [...]

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Today we’re getting started in our economic literacy program. This is the part that has generated the most curiosity, enthusiasm and fear when I describe my school to people. Economic literacy to kindergarteners? Sounds strange, sounds a little overly capitalistic, but I really think that it makes sense. He says that the average net worth [...]

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Broken windows

I'm doing my homework online again. One thing we talked about on Friday was the broken windows theory. If someone throws a brick through a few windows in a 'bad' neighborhood, it might be easy for someone to just say that they aren't worth fixing. However, if someone sees a building with broken windows, they [...]

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A personal contract

One of the things that our directors asked us to do was to draw up a personal contract for ourselves to sign and turn in. Since my blog has always been a place to flesh out ideas and brainstorm things, I figured I'd do it here. This year, I am rededicating myself to classroom education. [...]

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Life Update

It's been quite a while since I've posted anything and I've gotten a few emails asking whether everything was alright. Well, no worries, everything is great. After the flurry of posts from all the conference blogging, I'm just recharging the batteries again a little bit. I had a week off between my old job and [...]

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