Welcome to the show ladies and gentlemen! This show wraps up my coverage from NECC. I still have a few workshops to publish the audio from, but I won’t be doing any more commentary about the event itself. There’s quite a bit of discussion about the new iTunes 4.9 and I correct some of my mis-perceptions about the Apple party. I also talk about getting interviewed by the ADE podcasting crew and the work they’re doing. Finally, I spend some time providing my own personal opinions about the nature of conferences lately and some changes I’d like to see happen. Enjoy the show!

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Show notes:

Exactly 2 cents: Warlick’s comments about NECC and the importance of Internet access.
Sinister Dexter: The band that provides my theme song, Broadband Connection
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NECC Webcasts: One thing NECC did really well was video tape key sessions. Check them out for yourself.
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