NECC all wrapped up.

Welcome to the show ladies and gentlemen! This show wraps up my coverage from NECC. I still have a few workshops to publish the audio from, but I won’t be doing any more commentary about the event itself. There’s quite a bit of discussion about the new iTunes 4.9 and I correct some of my mis-perceptions about the Apple party. I also talk about getting interviewed by the ADE podcasting crew and the work they’re doing. Finally, I spend some time providing my own personal opinions about the nature of conferences lately and some changes I’d like to see happen. Enjoy the show!

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Show notes:

Exactly 2 cents: Warlick’s comments about NECC and the importance of Internet access.
Sinister Dexter: The band that provides my theme song, Broadband Connection
Podcast Alley: Visit the site and vote for your favorite shows!
NECC Webcasts: One thing NECC did really well was video tape key sessions. Check them out for yourself.
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  1. wakemp 7/8/2005 at Jul 08, 05 | 12:15 pm

    On ‘virtual conferences’, I think the suggestion of pre-conference material is excellent. As is the audio and video recordings.

    I wonder how much the speakers, who make an income from these, would object.

    We already seem to have a reluctance among teachers, schools, and district to ‘share’ material as they believe the content has some market value.

  2. Casey Hales 7/8/2005 at Jul 08, 05 | 9:25 pm

    Bless you for the link to the NECC Webcasts! Now all I need is a rainy day…

  3. David Warlick 7/9/2005 at Jul 09, 05 | 5:52 am


    Great podcast and some very important questions. I’ve responded by writing way to much for a Saturday morning or for a comments box. So go to my blog reaction at:

    As for invited (paid) speakers and recordings of their performances, I have started allowing my clients to record (video) the speech when they can make reasonable assurances that the material will be available only to members of the organization being served by the conference.

    I even encourage this, because I so often talk to people who have seen my keynotes, and they can not recite the three (sometimes four) bullets of my ideas. Your point exactly!

    More on the blog. Great job, Steve!

    — dave —

  4. Mike Lawrence 7/9/2005 at Jul 09, 05 | 5:44 pm

    Hey Steve,

    Great wrap up. I’ve been listening to your podcast since January and I’d love to talk with you at some point about your ideas for conferences. I’m part of the team working with ISTE in planning NECC ’06 and I’ve forwarded your podcast onto the local affiliate lead so she can hear your thoughts. The challenge would not be an unwillingness to podcast, but the logistical work of all those who would have to record, edit, post and set up the feeds. Remember Barnaby and his “crew” only getting 3 hours of sleep? Not a lot of folks have that level of commitment. They’re out there, but they’re rare. Barnaby, Ted, Ross, Robert and the student interns should be applauded.

    I’ve done quite a lot of thinking on the issue of podcasting and blogging at conferences myself and am working on a plan to ask presenters to my organization’s conference (more info here) to record a 30 second audio clip promoting their session. I’ll include this in the free CUEguide powered by Talking Panda’s SmartGuide ( more info here and here). This is what we wanted to do in March for our 2005 Conference. It was well received as just a text-based guide on one’s iPod, Blackberry or Palm, but didn’t include the audio clips, only one audio welcome that I recorded.

    Let’s chat –

    p.s. we’ve had full wi-fi in all breakout session rooms at the CUE conference for the last two years, by the way….wanna come to Palm Springs in March?

  5. Bud Hunt 7/11/2005 at Jul 11, 05 | 10:49 am


    Bad news. The time code problem isn’t solved. At least for me. My iPod had this podcast as a 4 hour show. I was scared.
    Great show, as always — I’ll live with the time code issues if I have to.

  6. Greg 7/11/2005 at Jul 11, 05 | 8:59 pm

    Oh, Steve, the problem is much more serious than simply displaying the wrong timecode. If I do anything other than listen to the podcast straight through (i.e., pause, go forward or back), it takes on a life of its own. For example, if I advance 10 minutes (of the 4 hours!), it’ll advance two seconds. If I pause at the 10 minute mark, it will resume 30 seconds from the beginning of the show. Very strange and really, really irritating, so I hope you figure something out. Until then, I will have to wait for times I can listen straight through. It’s worth it though!

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