Emerging Technologies workshop

Blogging from a workshop again. I should probably rename this blog to "LiveConferenceBlogger.com". I mean, this is getting out of control. Today I'm in Downers Grove, Illinois. It's a two day workshop about blogs, wikis, rss, social bookmarking, podcasting and more that is being hosted by David Jakes and features David Warlick. I missed the [...]

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I want Cricket for my XBox

I have probably learned more about the UK in the last three days than I have in the last 3 decades. After a few beers, the conversation inevitably turned to cricket and baseball, and thanks to Mike's patient explanations I think I have a pretty good understanding of the sport. I've done a few searches [...]

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BLC05 : Reflections from the water

One thing that I really enjoyed about the cruise was having the chance to sit down and chit chat with so many people from around the world in a very casual way. Of course, I wasn't going to let an opportunity like that pass me by, so after my unwitting victims had a few drinks [...]

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BLC05 : World concerns

On the bus right now heading back to the hotel. I'm typing on my PPC so forgive the grammar and terse writing style. This has been quite a learning adventure, and an international one at that. We just heard about the new bombings in London, and I'm trying to remember who I met this week [...]

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BLC05 : Better than baking soda?

I don't know what the name of the software is yet, but it definitely sounds interesting. It's an online tool, Free and Open Source, that provides you with your own URL, 100mb of storage, public and private aspects, blogging, polling, links, chat, discussion, WYSIWYG web page creation, and more. Oh yeah, and it's ad free. [...]

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BLC05 : Some serious technology toys

Final keynote is Sowing hte Seeds for a more Creative Society by Mitchel Resnick. Started off by asking us to identify which of the three don't belong: Television, Computers, Paintbrushes. Most people might say paintbrushes, but he's saying that it should be televisions. People need to be using computers to express themselves more, to be [...]

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BLC05 : Everythings more fun on the water

Unfortunately, today is the last day of the conference for my little posse. Last night was a great way to sort of cap things off. About 300 of us invaded the Star of Boston dinner cruise ship for an evening of schmoozing, drinking, schmoozing, dancing, and taking digital photos. A lot of digitial photos. Perhaps [...]

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A rowsing game of BLC05 Memory anyone?

Via Alan: Someone created an online game of Memory or Concentration where the cards can be populated by any flickr tag or account. So does anyone want to join me for a game based on the Building Learning Communities photos? I love sites with an open API.

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BLC05 : Too social to blog

I went to the blogging drop in center to do a little reflecting and type up a few blog entries. Unfortunately, I was so busy talking with people like Jim Wenzloff, Jack McLeod, and Will Richardson that I never got a chance to! Then I went to the afternoon reflection time and was going to [...]

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BLC05 : More on Learning Communities

Christopher Tan, Tamil Selvam Chareston, and Mohd Paruk are presenting Learning Communities in a Singapore Primary School. I’m looking forward to hearing some more about what they’re doing, Chris really piqued my curiosity yesterday. The school is called Shuqun primary school. The main focus was the pedagogy, the process itself of the project. In order [...]

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