NECC: It will soon be time for me to fly.

Sometimes having no time at all is an absolutely wonderful problem to have. I have notes from several workshops that I just don't have time to post. I have a podcast recorded that I still need to upload. I have drafts of two or three blog entries that need to be finished off. But there's [...]

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NECC: Podcasting Mixer, location set.

Erin Beth at the information both was extraordinarily helpful and aided me in finding a place for our little get together. We will be meeting at Tir Na Nog, an Irish pub about four blocks away from the convention center. It's right up Arch street so it should be real easy to find. I've pulled [...]

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NECC: Click here for Clicker

After a brief, but intense session of returning emails and blogging, I’m ready for the next session. Whoa. Hold the presses. This is absolutely astonishing. I’m in room 204B, one of the general workshop rooms, and I actually have gasp working wifi! Something must have gone terribly wrong, because I know I’m not supposed to [...]

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NECC: Podcasters Anonymous meeting tonight!

Ok, I don't have a location yet but since last night didn't really serve as a chance for all of us podcasting geeks to meet each other, let's try to meet somewhere tonight. There were so many people I was hoping to meet yesterday or at least hang out with and buy a beer for, [...]

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NECC: Five Regions of the Future

Buenos dias! Just sat down in the ballroom, getting ready to hear Joel Barker’s keynote about the Five Regions of the Future: A New Way to Think About Technology. I hadn’t sat down for more than five minutes before people around me began talking about how frustrated they were by the lack of WiFi during [...]

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NECC: Apple’s Premiere Podcasting Event

I'm incredibly tired, but I have to make sure that I get this all down before I fall asleep. I just got back from Apple's introduction into the podcasting arena. I thought it was going to be just a little social mixer with some Apple reps addressing people's questions about podcasting. I thought it would [...]

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Podcast / NECC: The new era of podcasting

This is my first podcast from NECC in what I think will be a series of three during the conference itself. I do have a bunch of recordings to upload and edit, but those will probably be published sometime next week. In case you couldn't guess, in this podcast I discuss Apple's entry into the [...]

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NECC: Preaching to the choir

One thing that Yvonne mentioned right at the end of the panel discussion is really resonating with me. Enough that it probably warrants a podcast as well as a blog entry. She mentioned that at tech conferences, she usually feels as though she's preaching to the choir. Talking about how things should be to a [...]

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NECC: The dream team, all on one stage.

UPDATE: At the exepense of sleep, Andy has uploaded the audio from the panel discussion. I highly reccomend you throw it on the iPod to listen to on the airplane home. Celebrating a Decade of the Web in Education: Connect, collaborate, learn, lead, transform. There was a different session that I was going to attend [...]

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