And the winner is….

A bit thanks to everyone who participated in my survey. When all was said and done, around 60 people took the survey and I definitely got some valuable feedback from it. I’m going to be putting the results together in a database and seeing what I can learn from it. I appreciate everyone taking time out of their busy lives to answer a few questions for me.

However, there was also a drawing involved and I’m sure you are all anxiously waiting to find out who the winner was. So without further ado, I want to wish a sincere congratulations to

Dan Weinstein!

Dan is now the proud owner of a new Flickr Pro account. Hopefully he’ll use it for sound educational purposes and not fill his account with Star Wars screenshots like I have lately.

If you’d like to keep an eye on Dan and see what he uses it for, you can find his website at and his blog at

Once again, thanks to everyone who participated! Until the next contest…

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  3. Chiayu Peng 9/13/2006 at Sep 13, 06 | 11:35 pm

    Dear Sir,
    I am Chiayu Peng from China,
    I begun using Flickr to store and share my digital photoes not long ago.
    I have a digital camra of myself, and I take a lot of photoes every month.
    But, a free Flickr account can only upload a limited photoes, just 20M, it not enough for me.
    I tried to upgrade to a Pro account, but I have no International credit card such as Visa or Discovery Card to pay.
    So if you have enough money, can you please buy me a Pro account.
    Thank you so much if you could help.

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