Podcast: Students Speaking Underground

While reading through the weblog of Dan Weinstein, the winner of the Flickr Pro account, I found a post of his encouraging podcasters to try to keep them a bit more concise. I entertain no doubts at all that I tend to ramble on quite a bit, so I decided that I'm going to make [...]

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Have you switched your operating system today?

I know most of your school's have way too much money and already own the latest version of all the good software out there, but just in case you actually have budgetary issues and are running older versions of windows, you just might want to check this out. They have recently released a new version [...]

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DeathMatch: GMail vs. Thunderbird

Jeremy Zawodny has an interesting little writeup about GMail vs. Thunderbird. For those of you who like to geek out about email clients, the end result is that he found GMail to be surprisingly strong. And since this is coming from someone employed by Yahoo, that's a pretty bold statement. I do have to admit [...]

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And the winner is….

A bit thanks to everyone who participated in my survey. When all was said and done, around 60 people took the survey and I definitely got some valuable feedback from it. I'm going to be putting the results together in a database and seeing what I can learn from it. I appreciate everyone taking time [...]

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Podcasters meet up at NECC!

Via the Educational Mac: Every NECC they have a social mixer in the form of a dance. Yes, it feels like homecoming all over again. This year, they are going to be adding a late night Podcasting Lounge hosted by Apple! Sounds like a fantastic place for all the Educasters out there to finally meet [...]

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Podcast support in next version of iTunes

Via Charlene, O'Reilly has an article stating that there will be Podcasting support in the next version of iTunes. Sounds pretty interesting. What excites me most about it is that it serves as one more example of podcasting going mainstream. It adds a sense of legitimacy to it. Check out this post on CogDogBlog and [...]

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What He’s Learned So Far

The Bionic Teacher has an interesting post up entitled What I’ve Learned So Far. I recommend you go visit there and read through the post, but there's a few quotes in there I want to mention. "Comments mean a lot... Comments mean you have been heard. What you said mattered enough to someone to take [...]

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What does your blog say about you?

The job search is finally starting to roll. I have a second interview at a school I am very interested in, a first interview at a fascinating new charter school tomorrow, and a few other schools that I'm expecting calls from after attending a job fair over the weekend. At the top of my resume, [...]

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Podcast: What it means to learn

18 days? Has it really been 18 days since my last podcast? Wow. How did so much time go by? That means I've only done two podcasts in the month of May. That just isn't right. Well, I finally have a new one for you. It's a carcast, and mostly revolves around a hot topic [...]

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